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Practicality of Non Surgical Treatment options in Cosmetology

Though the impression about referring to and relating plastic surgery with cosmetology and various treatment procedures combined with cosmetic procedures has been on the decline, in India it is still a reality. The truth is that all cosmetic solutions need not be offered in a surgical set up and may not even require surgery as a treatment modality. Since some of the most popular procedures and treatment solutions that made cosmetology itself popular in some way or the other are also responsible for the identity of plastic surgery that comes along with cosmetic solutions. This scenario is applicable in major areas where cosmetic solutions are being offered; weight loss, fat removal and hair loss solutions are among the popular treatments offered under the banner of cosmetology that may or may not require surgery. For instance, the Non Surgical Weight Loss Surgery is recommended for people with excess weight and prone to obesity. There are procedures such as fat freeze treatment and ultrasound lyposis that are known for being the alternatives of surgical treatments in this segment.

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The prevailing surgical method of liposuction is not a weight loss treatment at its face value. It is recommended for fat removal and reduction which can further induce and influence weight loss to a greater extent. But, liposuction is a surgical procedure which has its share of advantages, benefits, risks and limitations. At the same time, the cosmetic experts and specialists have been imposing great faith in these procedures that are mostly backed by evidence based analysis and data suggesting consistent outcomes. Now the question arises if ultrasound lyposis and fat freeze treatment options can become credible alternatives to the age old time-tested liposuction process. It is pretty much common to have this concern that arises from several practical constraints that impact the direction of several treatment solutions.

One way of looking at this scenario is to draw direct comparisons between the surgical and non surgical options which can be done by taking only the prospects and outcomes into consideration. We also have lifestyle driven recommendations that are part of diet counselling and it can be taken as a mandatory option irrespective of the nature of treatment being opted for. The nature of treatment in this context is referred to different between the surgical and non surgical options alone. However, it is also important to note that diet counselling is soon becoming an exclusive treatment entity in itself and this also provides the new scope for patients to rely upon lifestyle changes alone to achieve weight loss.

Going back to comparing the procedures like liposuction with something like ultrasound lyposis, it would be interesting to note that advanced procedures of liposuction using vaser techniques also apply the techniques of ultrasound which is also in the case of lyposis. This suggests that there could be many comparisons made between the available options though the broader perspectives seem to differ externally. Therefore we can conclude that non surgical options are proactive and can be trusted for replicating the effect of surgical options too.

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