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A great number of people are desperately looking for a quick way to solve their weight problems. A healthy weight not only helps boost self-esteem, but it also provides great health benefits. A lot of deadly diseases including diabetes, stroke, and other health complications occur due to obesity.

In the past it was not easy to control your weight without implementing a strict diet plan and a strenuous exercise routine. However, various medications are now available that effectively help to treat weight control problems. Here we will take a look at Orlistat UK, which is the only licensed medication in the EU for weight control.

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A Brief Background of the Weight Loss Pill

Orlistat is a generic medication of the drug Xenical that is known to help people lose those extra kilos when used in conjunction with a diet plan. Xenical was manufactured in 1998 by an international pharmaceutical company known as Roche. The medication was marketed as an effective drug to help you lose weight safely without severe side effects. The drug was categorized as a fat blocker and prevents the body from absorbing extra fat.

Orlistat contains the same active ingredient as Xenical and provides similar benefits for losing weight. The drug helps regulate fat absorption in the body. Generally, people with a BMI over or around 30 benefit the most from taking Orlistat to control weight loss. The active ingredient of the medication attaches to an enzyme known as lipase, which is concerned with fat absorption in the body. It reduces the rate at which the enzyme absorbs fat from food. As a result, most of the fat passes undigested from the body during bowel movements.

Recommended Dosage and Safety Information

Most doctors recommend a dosage of 120 mg that should be consumed with food three times a day. The tablet can be taken either before or during meal times along with a glass of water. The medication works if the meal contains lot of fat. Taking the medication offers no benefit when the food does not contain any fat.

Moreover, it is important to take professional advice before taking Orlistat as a supplement for weight control. If you suffer from any of the following conditions it is particularly important that you consult a qualified physician before taking the medication.

High Blood Pressure


High Cholesterol

Liver Disease



Underactive Thyroid

If you suffer from any of the above health complications, you should take extreme precautions when using the weight loss medication. You should avoid any diet that is high in fat as it may worsen your condition.

Final Words of Advice!

Overall, Orlistat is effective in treating weight problems. The medication works in the digestive system offering weight control benefits. In most cases taking the medication is perfectly safe for consumption. However, if you suffer from any health complications mentioned in this article, you must not take Orlistat UK prior to approval from a licensed physician.

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