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Obesity may seem like just a case of overeating but in most cases it is much more than. People who are obese find it difficult to manage their weight and their eating habits. What is concerning is that obesity is often the underlying condition for various other conditions such as heart disease, respiratory conditions, diabetes, and more.

While weight loss pills are effective in treating obesity, there are many misconceptions that people have about these medications. Here are few common misconceptions about weight loss medications people have.

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They Start the Weight Loss Process

This is without any doubt one of the biggest misconceptions people have about weight loss medications and weight loss in general. Weight loss medications are not meant to start the weight loss process, but to assist it. Most medications for weight loss only block the absorption of fat, while others only accelerate the breaking down of nutrients.

They Increase Metabolism

Weight loss medications do not promote or increase the metabolic rate, which is the rate at which a person burns calories. The metabolic rate is promoted when a person elevates and maintains their heart rate at a certain level, which is achieved through cardio and exercise. Metabolism is also increased by eating foods rich in antioxidants, drinking plenty of water, and maintaining a well balanced diet that 'cleans' the body from impurities.

They Always Work

Another big misconception is that fat loss pills will do their job every time. That is not true when a person consumes a meal that contains no fats, or with high fat content. Meals with no fats mean that the medication will not play any role whatsoever in the weight loss process. Meals with high fat content means that the medication will more likely cause adverse effects. This is because weight loss pills such as lipase inhibitors block fat from being digested, which is then passed out in the stool. So if a person has consumed a meal with high fat content then he/she will most likely feel the side effects.

They're All I Need

We conclude with the biggest misconception, which is that people tend to believe that weight loss medications are enough to achieve weight loss. This is not only false but is also misleading as it does not reflect what weight loss medications actually do.

Weight loss pills and treatment courses go hand in hand. Without a calorie-restricted and healthy diet, exercise, proper rest for recovery, and good use of the medications, weight loss can be hard to achieve. In order to make safe and good use of these medications, doctors recommend getting a checkup in order to provide a treatment course that is personalized to a person's health.

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