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In this day of fast foods and ready to eat meals, eating healthy is getting more and more difficult. One has to be careful to include natural foods in their diet to stay fit and healthy. Chocolates, candy bars, cakes and desserts can easily, albeit sometimes reluctantly be replaced with dates for a better (physical) constitution. Some of the benefits of dry dates are higher physical energy, increased metabolism, satiation, prevention of a host of diseases and weight loss.

How dates promote weight loss

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Dates are a great weight loss enabler. Replacing processed foods with dates and other natural fruits goes a long way towards achieving weight loss. Although those are high in sugar content, these are natural sugars like fructose and dextrose that are easily digestible by the body and replenish the body's energy.

They are also loaded with fibre and many essential vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, manganese, copper and selenium, which make you feel full longer and stop you from reaching for that pack of chips. Eating Medjool dates for weight loss is good because Medjools don't contain any trans-fat or cholesterol, and the dietary fibre present in dates prevents cholesterol absorption in the stomach.

There is a saying, 'dates are nuggets of nutrition that satisfy a sweet tooth, making it easier to keep hunger at bay'.

Those are also good for stomach cleansing, clearing out the unwanted matter from the human body and hence resulting in a healthier body. If eaten first thing in the morning, they result in an increased metabolism and hence more sustained weight loss.

Some methods to take advantage of the benefits of dry dates for weight loss by adding them to your diet are listed below:

  • Eat dates by themselves as a snack or with nuts when the craving for comfort food hits
  • Add chopped or slivered to rice or steamed vegetables
  • Add to your salads
  • Add to your cakes, breads, muffins and cookies
  • As often as possible, replace your ice creams or desserts with a handful of dates
  • Puree dates and have them with plain yogurt
  • Drink a smoothie of almond milk, banana, dates, and coconut in place of breakfast or your evening snack

All of these are good uses of dates for weight loss. You can also try some of our delicious salads using Medjool dates.

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