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So many times, it happens that we watch all these beautiful actresses with perfectly chiseled bodies making us ladies envious as well as desirous of getting back into the perfect shape. However, many times it so happens that no matter how much you exercise, how much you diet, some of your body parts just refuse to get back into that shape. If that has been your cause of worry, there is no reason to panic! We have got a solution for you! Liposuction cost is also not expensive when compared to other cosmetic surgeries.

The 'L' word

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Liposuction, as it popularly called, implies a cosmetic surgery by which excess fat from different parts of the body is removed. This term can be used interchangeably with 'Lipoplasty' meaning 'fat modeling', 'liposculpture', 'suction lipectomy' or in simple common man's language even 'lipo'. The main areas which are usually targeted under this procedure are the abdomen or 'tummy tuck', hips, thighs, arms, neck and buttocks.

The procedure

There are a number of different procedures which have been used as part of this cosmetic procedure. However, the most common is the suction assisted lipo. Under this method, a small cannula which is an instrument resembling a straw is inserted into the body by making a small incision or slit into the body. This cannula is attached to a vaccum device through which the cosmetic surgeon, breaks the fat cells pushes and pulls it out in forward and backward motion with the help of suction.

Another method which is also gaining popularity is the Laser method of removal. Laser is used to melt the fats accumulated target area. Once the fat so stored starts melting which helps in de-structuring the fat cells and these cells are then removed by the cannula.

Precautions and Post surgery care

Almost fifteen days prior to the surgery, no medications which can cause clotting of blood are advised by the surgeon. In case, the patient is to be given anesthesia during the surgery, the usually such a surgery takes place in the morning followed by fasting from midnight. Smoking and consumption of tobacco should also be avoided prior to undergoing this surgery. Liposuction cost can be quiet expensive too.

Post surgery, the patient can get back to his or her normal routine within a time span ranging from two days to or two weeks depending upon each individual patient's pace of recovery. All the marks, swelling which comes up during and owing to the surgery subsides within approximately fifteen days from the date of the surgery. While the fat cells which have been removed by suction are permanently gone, the patient has to continue a regime of diet along with regular exercise in order to maintain that state.

It is not that this method of weight loss, inch loss or fat removal has not been debated upon or questioned by experts and whether this method actually helps in achieving the desired target is something which still remains a question. However, the growing popularity of this method can also be considered as a sufficient proof of the method being effective.

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