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Many of us still in the belief that, we have to starve more to lose the body weight. But this is completely an inexact idea! Moreover, starvation may lead you toward weight loss in the first few weeks, and we start thinking that our theory of weight loss has started working. But within very few days you can realize that the weight loss mission has been stopped.

To come out of this situation, you have to start eating more. Not only the quantity of the food should be monitored, but also the quality of the food should be under direct monitoring. The foods that are low in calorie but densely nutrient are the best choice for good health. From this point of view, the most important ingredient of the good food is Calcium.

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The latest research at the University of Knoxville has found that the dietary calcium has a direct effect on weight loss of human being. The high calcium foods we daily consume are highly efficient to accelerate the process of the breakdown of body fat. At the same time during dieting, it preserves the metabolism. According to the survey, at least three servings of dairy products should be taken per day for the best result.

Then what is the main source of calcium for the Americans now? On which food do they depend more to consume calcium? The most appropriate answer is Yogurt. They take it as the best calcium-rich dairy snack. But the most important thing about this calcium consumption is that the calcium in yogurt not only strengthens the bone but it also has a direct effect on weight loss. When yogurt is eaten as a part of daily food, the unique nutritional profile of yogurt has the power of burning fat, keeping muscles strong and protecting metabolism.

Yogurt's capability in reducing belly fat has also been highlighted in the recent studies. The Journal of the American College of Nutrition has recently declared in one of their publications that dairy products have a great effect on weight loss. Yogurt increases the good bacteria in the gut reducing the bad bacteria. As a result, they help to lower cortisol levels, improve the sensitivity of the insulin both in the body of a healthy person and an affected diabetic person and lessen the chronic inflammation. As all these are the key players to develop belly fat, yogurt is really a reducer of belly fat.

Protein is another food ingredient that has a direct effect on weight loss. It sounds very strange, isn't it? But it is true because consuming more protein provides your muscles an extra power to work more. As a result, you can do hard labor and physical exercise, which is the most important factor in burning calories that is reducing body fat.

For weight loss, therefore, the best cocktail is the protein and calcium-rich food. It is clinically proven that if these two are combined, they increase the metabolic rate along with improving the bowel health and digestion.

In this regard, the best choice is dairy foods. They are rich in calcium and protein also. But at the same time, they are rich in fat and calcium also. That is why the dieters generally avoid dairy foods.

Then what about Yogurt in the case of weight loss? Yogurt is an exception to this theory. It provides all the necessary benefits of the dairy foods like protein and calcium in very high level but surprisingly enough it provides no fat and calories. This is possible because of its making way.

Do all types of yogurts help losing weight?

This is a good question indeed. In the case of weight loss, all kinds of yogurts are not made equally. You should choose no-fat yogurt instead of full-fat yogurt. This no-fat yogurt also contains the same amount of calcium and protein. In this regard, the best choice is Greek style yogurt.

As it is suggested to have some yogurt for the daily meal, this type of question is very natural. Some ways of adding yogurt in your daily diet are here

1.Mayonnaise can be substituted with yogurt in some favorite recipes like egg salad or tuna salad. As the base of salad dressings, you can use yogurt also.

2.Fresh fruits or frozen fruits can be taken with yogurt as a daily healthy snack or breakfast.

3.An 8 oz container of yogurt can be taken as a snack during day time. It can also be taken as breakfast and lunch.

4.A combination of a cup if yogurt and cup of fresh fruit or granola with whole grain will be a great meal.

5.Try to learn to add yogurt in different recipes.

6.Yogurt can be upgraded by adding one teaspoon of cinnamon with a cup of plain yogurt. It will create a fat-burning and delicious food.

Thus, start adding yogurt in your daily menu in any way of the above. But be careful in choosing the best and helpful yogurt by purchasing “Live and Active Culture” labeled yogurt.

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