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Have you been following a trial and error method to lose those ever-growing bulges around your waist area and belly? You can choose anything but run of the mill ideas to lose weight over a stipulated period of time. They say life is short; you live it once so why not chose to live it in the healthiest or rather, fit way! A daily routine with a body witnessing ever-growing weight can make life mediocre. It won't be correct to say that weight gain as a problem is witnessed most among women more than men. But it definitely is shocking to know that men do get to eat more and generally weigh less as compared to women because their metabolism does the wonder! There are facts and figures with assistive reports and reasons which show that women gain weight more than men, in so many ways.

Is it sounding too complicated to understand why? Well, the answer has scientific facts to make you believe or rather understand the whole scenario better. Most men have more muscles than women and also they have higher metabolism rates as compared to females, which is why they are lean machines and women move faster towards becoming boogey, fat-bulging machines. No offence to that one, but there are definite and clear reasons to worry for women, to understand the calculations better and do something to shed down those extra, unwanted pounds off their bodies.

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Weight loss mistakes are important to counter while you, as a woman, with comparatively slower metabolism rate, is looking forward to lose weight considerably, in a set time target. Mentioned below are 5 weight loss mistakes that a woman should take note of and vouch to not repeat at all:

Count your calories and do it realistically. Research shows that only 11% of Americans manage to put up ideal daily calorie count. Wisely divide your eating portions to your calorie intake limit.

Choose small, rigorous activity routines instead of long and boring ones. Short bursts of intense activity show more calorie burn.

Pick nutritious food over unhealthy ones but make sure the portions are neither too small nor too big for you to crash your healthy diet plan, go all in vain.

Make sure when you dine out with your friends, choose nutrition over scrumptious taste. It is going to burst up your calorie count for sure.

Guilty eating or giving you the pleasure of good food is allowed sometimes. But the portions need to be weighed down intelligently by you.

Keep all those ultra-modern and soapy weight loss promises and advertisements at bay. If you are living around the surroundings of Oklahoma, then always look for the best weight loss program in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There are trustworthy weight loss experts like Woodland Hills Medical Clinic in the region, providing weight loss tips and consultations, along with the use of prescription medications and effective protein supplement shakes.

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