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About Weight Loss

Starting a weight loss journey takes some planning ahead, it takes some focus and it takes some discipline. You deserve to make every choice count towards that goal! Many people start that path and have even documented their process with pictures, journaling or blogging as a way to inspire themselves and others. Encountering a plateau is more times than not an inevitable part of the process. Finding a way to get off that plateau can be a challenge, frustrating and downright discouraging.

Having a balanced healthy meal 3 times a day with smaller healthy snacks between meals is a great start. Eating low fat meals is not always the answer in the long run, especially if you are exercising regularly. If you're not ingesting enough protein, your body will actually start breaking down your muscles for energy. This is never a good idea for a few reasons. Besides the obvious problem of losing strength, protein has other vital rolls in the body such as normal cell functions and supporting the immune system.

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What You May Not Know About Protein

So we know that protein helps to build muscle in the body but did you know that muscle is thermogenic? Simply stated, it produces heat. Because of these qualities muscle has been shown to burn the most calories in the body. If you build more muscle, you burn more fat and will not only lose weight but will preserve your muscles in the process. That's a sure fire way to kickstart your weight loss!

What Is The Best Source Of Protein?

A healthy diet should always include fruits, vegetables and whole grains but protein sources can vary. Why? Well, for a few reasons, protein sources contain fat such as – would you choose a chicken with skin or without? Without, right? More fat is contained in the skin and even if you don't eat the skin, the cooking process causes fat to contribute the final meal. It's the same thing with hamburger and bison burger. Bison burger has a significant less amount of fat; about half as much when comparing to 80% lean hamburger and about 1 gram more protein comparing 3 oz. of bison to 3 oz. of hamburger.

As far as having the best protein source; if you want to have the most complete protein, that has shown time and again in multiple studies to have the ultimate protein source to help you kick-start your weight loss, then look no further than whey protein. Why is whey so important you ask? It's because it contains a high level of branched chain amino acids including leucine, isoleucine and valine which are key contributors to building muscle. Branched chain amino acids are nutrients that are essential to the body.

Whey protein is most commonly used as a shake. You can find whey as a meal replacement or a supplement protein powder. You can also find them as meal replacement bars. Be sure to find quality protein that has only been processed with a cold press. Heat processing will destroy some nutrients and become less valuable to your body.

If you've never used whey before as meal replacement, just keep in mind that you want high protein, about 20 to 40 grams to help with building muscle and keeping you feeling full longer. Higher levels of protein are recommended when you have reached a plateau with weight loss. As always, make sure your using quality and clean products that have been tested for having not only what they say they have for ingredients but that they are free of any toxins, hormones and antibiotics.

So if you're ready to kickstart your weight loss, then try whey for a change. You may be surprised by your results and just how good you look and feel!

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