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Wu Long Fat Burning Tea

Every day, our Premium WuLong Slimming Tea is enjoyed by thousands of fine folks across the globe. People like you are using our products in pursuit of healthier living in our fastpaced, modern world. We here at Okuma Nutritionals are asked time and time again. How Many Tea Bags Are In Each Box of WuLong Slimming Tea There are 60 tea bags in each box. How did we decide to put 60 bags in each box Well, for maximum weight loss effects, one should drink our WuLong tea at least twice per day for 30 days. Remember that means,.

Once 15 minutes before breakfast, and once 15 minutes before lunch. At two cups a day for 30 days, that adds up to 60 Tea bags. You can also try our 3 month supply. Or maybe a 6 month supply is right for you. Each box has been considerately sealed with cellophane and stamped with a date of freshness, so you know how long your premium WuLong Chinese slimming tea will stay at its peak of freshness. Don’t have time for tea Don’t forget our handy dandy WuLong Tea capsules, which offer the same marvelous effects as the tea you.

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