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Hey, guys, Axe here. I’m going to be talking about how to lose weight and burn fat today and the topic is CLA; that’s conjugated linoleic acid. It’s a sort of fatty acid that’s been shown to help burn up fat cells in your body. If you’re looking to really burn body fat and get some weight off right here for the New Year’s, you’re going to want to consume high amounts of CLA. In fact, CLA is one of the number one compounds or supplements today. If you go into your local health food store, you’ll see CLA all over the shelves because there’s so much research showing that it helps your body burn fat and lose weight.

In fact, there are over 35 al medical studies showing that if you consume CLA, your body will burn fat and lose weight. Now I do want to mention this. Rather than taking in pill or supplement form, the best form is in its food form, in its raw form like you’re going to find CLA in large amounts in raw dairy and in grassfed meat and in pasteurized cheese. Now I want to mention this. CLA, when you get it from, let’s say something like grainfed beef, you’re only getting anywhere from 0 milligrams to 20 milligrams. So if you’re eating conventional beef that’s been fed grain or even organic beef that’s been fed grains,.

You’re getting virtually no CLA. However, if you’re eating grassfed or a cow that’s fed grass 100% of the year, you’re going to be getting 300 to 500% more CLA, anywhere from probably 250 to 500 milligrams and things like raw cheese and grassfed beef. Now for years I’ve heard things from people saying red meat is bad or most dairy is bad. Yeah, red meat and dairy can be bad if it’s conventional. But if your cheese is raw and pasturefed, comes from a pasture fed cow, and if the beef has been fed grass, it has high amounts of CLA. Again, one of the number one compounds to help your body burn fat and.

Lose weight. So I recommend if you want to get the great impact here of CLA doing about one ounce of raw cheese daily. Now remember this. It can’t be just be raw cheese. You need to know that it’s fed grass during the year, and typically most higher quality cheese will have that. Also, if you go to a place like Whole Foods you can look for lamb cheese and cheap cheese. My favorite brand of raw cheese, though, is from a company called Beyond Organic. We have links here on the website. My friend Jordan Rubin is founder of the company. But we know that these cows are fed grass 100% a year, so it will have the largest amounts of CLA in it for.

Helping your body burn fat. Again, getting grassfed beef is good and doing it certified organic. There are companies like Beyond Organic that do it where it’s fed grass 100% of the year. So when you’re buying grassfed, you want to look for on the label to say 100% grassfed. That way, you get higher levels of CLA. So again, if you’re eating conventional grainfed beef, you’re getting almost zero CLA. If you’re doing grassfed beef and raw pasturefed cheeses like this, you’re getting probably 250 to 500 milligrams of CLA that’s going to help promote fat loss.

We’ve got some of this raw cheese here. The other thing I love about this is it’s delicious. And if you want to get double the effects, got a quick recipe for you, do a grassfed cheddar burger. This is actually what I did last night for dinner, sautéed up, actually cooked up some grassfed beef and topped it off with a bunch of raw cheddar. It’s absolutely delicious. Again, you’d think, quot;Well, burger, that’s going to cause me to gain weight.quot; No, if you’re doing a grassfed cheese and beef, it’s going to help your body burn fat and lose weight. This is just one of the health tips, eating more CLA I’m going to have for you this month.

In terms of weight loss, so be watching that upcoming tutorials and be checking for articles on more tips to burn fat and lose weight fast. Also, I’m teaching a webinar on January 19th. Mark your calendars. I’ll be talking about a super smoothie to help your body burn fat and lose weight. I’ll be going over five of the top foods to consume to help your body burn fat and lose weight. I’ll also be talking about the number one supplement and compound you can take. Actually, there’s a supplement and compound out there that has helped people lose 28 pounds in a 10week period. So if you want to burn fat and lose weight fast and get all those health.

Top 3 Fat Burner Supplements Prozis TV

Hey, guys, check out what’s coming up on this episode, where I share with you the 3 best supplements to help you burn fat. Number 1, caffeine. Now, it’s a pretty basic supplement, you can get it in coffee or tea, but it’s also available in tablet form, which makes it super easy. So this is a simple 200 mg tablet of caffeine. You’ll also see it in standard fat burners, so a standard fat burner pill, one of the major ingredients, of course, is caffeine.

That’s because it increases your metabolism, helping you burn fat, not only while you’re working out, but also while you’re resting after workout. So it’s a great supplement to help you burn fat. Number 2. Now this supplement is not as exciting as caffeine, in that it doesn’t get you highed up and give you a lot of energy, but what it does do is help you burn more fat, and that of course is LCarnitine. And number 3, CLA, which stands for conjugated linoleic acid.

This is a fatty acid. It does a number of thing for your body, but one of which is it helps keep your body from assimilating fats. You’ll have fat moving throughout your bloodstream, and what happens is that eventually it gets assimilated and put right on to your love handles, your stomach, yout butt, wherever it goes, you don’t want it there. Well, CLA helps prevent that from happening, so an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, I guess you want to say. So CLA helps reduce your body’s propensity to put on and assimilate fat. Additionally, it’s been shown in multiple studies to help increase lean mass, so increase muscle tissue.

And what that means is that it increases metabolism, resulting in more fat loss. So these are my top 3 supplements for fat loss. Thanks for watching us today here at ProzisTV. If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe today. Also, check out this link, where we have special deals exclusively for our YouTube subscribers. Until next time, I’m Ian Lauer.

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