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Hi, Clint Schambach here. Personal trainer Chesterfield, Missouri. Nature is full of natural fat burners. Its just sometimes we tend to over look them because its not as sexy as some new exotic berry that just melts fat and you don’t even have to change up your diet for it to work. However, there are a few natural fat burners that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. The first one is Cinnamon. Cinnamon is one of the easiest ones incorporate. You can add it to just about anything. However, it is not directly a fat burner for our body.

But it helps regulate blood sugar and insulin. Fat storage is directly related to how our insulin fluctuates up and down. So this helps stabilize those levels and keep them pretty flat. Keeping our body much more primed to burn fat. You probably want to shoot for about 1 teaspoon per day. Another one is cayenne pepper. This one actually carries a variety of benefits. But its also pretty straight forward. It can raise your core temperature and this means you are going to be burning more calories. An increase in your body temperature is going to help you burn calories even when you are.

Sitting around. A third addition that you should consider is flax seed or flax meal. Although this isn’t really an herb or spice, I like to add it here because its an easy add in to common foods or shakes. This is high in omega 3 fats and has been shown for many years to aid in fat loss. This one also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and metabolize fat cells through thermogenesis, so you are actually getting a few benefits from this one too. Another great one is Garlic. This actually has a bunch of added benefits such as fighting.

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Off sickness and disease, but also has shown to increase metabolism and increase fat burning and weight loss. Garlic contains an ingredient that has been shown to reduce unhealthy fats and cholesterol too. However, for the most benefits you want to eat it without cooking, but that is completely up to you and whoever you are going to be around the rest of the day. And last, green tea. There are too many benefits of green tea to go into. Everything from heart health, lowering cholesterol, diabetes prevention and stroke, and more.

And obviously if its on this list, it has great weight loss benefits. There are a ton of supplements now that contain ECGC, which is the ingredient in green tea that helps with weight loss, but if you really want to get the benefits of green tea, you are going to want to drink it. That will give you the most benefits. And ideally, you would want to be drinking it everyday. For more nutrition and weight loss tips, visit YouTubeFitnessStLouis, or if you want more information about chesterfield gyms or personal training, visit FitnessChesterfieldGyms.

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