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This is John Kohler with discountjuicers . Today I have another exciting episode for you, and this is definitely going to be a fun one. I know it’s one you guys have been waiting for a long time, especially if you saw an infomercial on TV for this little guy right here. It’s called the NutriBullet. What we’re going to do today is actually compare the NutriBullet to the good oldfashioned VitaMix Turbo Blend VS. So, you know, many people may wonder, how is the NutriBullet? Is it really as good as they say? Is it really not a juicer? Is it really not a blender? Is it really a nutrition extractor, which is what they repeat several times during the infomercial? Well, you know what? In this.

Tutorial, I’m going to explain more about that. So, let’s get right into it. So, in the infomercial, the infomercial sales person tries to convince you that this is like the most revolutionary thing since sliced bread, and is it? Well, I don’t know if it’s the most revolutionary thing, but I’m glad they got the infomercial running, because it lets you guys know that the way to health, according to the infomercial, is by eating some of the natural foods, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, that you can grind up in your own NutriBullet to make your own superfoods at home, because most Americans are eating far too much processed foods, animal foods, and things out of packages, bottles, and jars. We need to get back to eating the.

Foods found in nature. So, if that got you to this tutorial, that’s great. We’re going to take it one step further in this tutorial. So, anyways thy explain that the NutriBullet is not a juicer, and I definitely agree with that because a juicer is something that basically separates the juice form the fiber, and it’s the juice form the fiber that feeds you, at least according to what the juice (unclear) says, and I have plenty of tutorials on juicers, so refer to those tutorials if you’re interested in juicing, because that’s a totally different process. If you’re interested in learning how a juicer differs from a blender, please check my tutorials out. Several good tutorials that explain the differences in detail. We’re not.

Going to get into that today. Now, also the infomercial they say the NutriBullet is not a blender. Well, the definition of a blender is one that blends an electric appliance for mixing or grinding, and you know what? That’s what this does. In some commercials, they say the VitaMix is not a blender. Now, why would they do this? They want to convince you that this appliance or this appliance is something totally different than your standard household blender, and on that case, I would actually have to say that they’re correct. I mean, this is a standard household blender that you might own already, but this is in a league of its own compared to these 2 guys. This guy, you know, runs at about 450 watts.

This guy’s actually at about 600 watts, oh, and start it up, and this guy’s actually 1380 watts. So, you know, this guy’s more powerful than this guy, but this guy, guess what? This is the big daddy. He’s really powerful. So, as you can see it really is blender because it’s the blender that mixes everything’s up, it blends it up, it just grinds it up at the same time, and that’s what the NutriBullet does. So, don’t be mislead by the infomercial that gets you to buy this. Another thing the infomercial says is that this is the only machine in the world that has the patented extractor blade right inside here that’s going to do the exact same job as this. Well, that’s probably true. This is probably the only appliance.

That has the blade itself, but, you know, there’s other blades in other machines that are just as effective, or in my opinion, even more effective than the blade in this machine here. Now, I want you guys to remember that the NutriBullet is made by the same company that makes the Magic Bullet, the Baby Bullet, and even the Party Bullet, and they’re just another company making housewares that are imported from china. Actually, VitaMix is made in the good old USA. So, they just want to sell you more products. While I think this product is definitely really good, you know, I think supporting Americans and American jobs is a lot more important. So, in any case, as we found out, this is still just a blender,.

And in a minute we’re going to test it in 2 different tests that I’d like to share with you guys to show the capabilities of this machine, compared to the VitaMix. The firs things I Want to do is actually go over some of the specifications of the NutriBullet compared to the VitaMix. So, the NutriBullet, as I mentioned earlier, is made in china. The VitaMix is made in the good old USA. Now, the NutriBullet is probably about, you know, ¼ the cost of the VitaMix. Now, yes, granted, you get what you pay for people. You know, this is less money, it’s going to do a pretty good job but not as good as the VitaMix, but once again, let’s take a look at the warranty. I want you guys to purchase an appliance that you’re.

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