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Stomach Fat Burning Green Tea

How to lose stomach fat. Quick tip number one. Green Tea. There are some studies showing that the substances in green tea may promote fat loss by decreasing your appetite and acelerating your metabolism. I have been drinking green tea for quite a while now and can say that it absolutely does cut some of my cravings. I try to drink one cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon. But probably my favorite part about green tea is that it contains an amino acid called l theanine that is known to reduce anxiety and promote alertness throughout.

The day, a little bit of an extra benefit. And although it might be hard for you coffee drinkers my test to you is to try drinking green tea instead of coffee for say a month and see if you notice any positive results both physically and mentally it helps me stay alert and relaxed, not to mention helps keep me lean which is a very nice combination. That just about wraps it up for today’s quick tip, please remember to subscribe to my channel for weekly tips, tricks, and techniques for annihilating your belly fat. And for advanced.

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