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My friends, we’ve just set up a new speed record at 1 mile! What’s that Dimitry 376 kmh I clearly remember when 3 years ago Young man, looking just like you was getting out of the similar black Lamborghini with a face like.well, yeah. they overdrive me now 23 years later. Nothing changed, the same black Lamborghini. Yeah, but now it’s a winner. Looks like it was a record ride. a mile in 23.8 sec! and 387 kmh a record on 1 mile!!!.

No seriously! 23.8 sec.!!! You just did Pleshakov. fu.ing good! Yeah, did it. Champion! And a new record for Russia 405 kmh yeah man. Great job How was that Egor, did you throw up You’ll see, there will be one place, where even I throw up Maaan, you did it right! You are the champ of Russia I thought the record will stay for like 3 years at least. The speed is incredible! Soon, there will be as much Lambs as GTR’s.

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