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My kneecap feels like it’s about to rip off and my butt feels like it’s about to spring off into another dimension. light music Today we are going to be trying out the poses that female superheroes are often drawn in in comic books. They look good. I hope I look that good. We’ll see. I’m excited. I’m a little nervous. It’s a lot of ass in this pose for me. Thankfully, I’m really in touch with my ass so I’m very excited to get this much closer to it.

I know I’m going to look bad. I know it’s going to feel bad. I don’t think it’s going to be easy but I think it’s going to be fun. I think I can do it. light music You notice how her right hip is popped out Yeah. laughs Oh my God. I might have lied about this being easy. It just scares me because her back is literally a z and know matter how hard I stick my butt out, it’s never going to look like that.

It’s so hard. I’m fighting so much crime. Because getting ready for crime means putting on a whole face of makeup. laughs Ooh. That looks very sexy. Voiceover Also, ass out a little. Yeah. Voiceover Look at this one more time. I’ll be fine if I go to the chiropractor later. I’m going to try to look fierce so don’t judge me. laughing light music This is horrific. Voiceover Got it. Ugh. laughing I think we’re good. We’re good here.

Women Try To Pose Like Female Comic Book Heroes

Light music That was dignified. I did not enjoy that. I hate yoga so I don’t know why I thought this would be fun. I wouldn’t have made it. I would have been like zapped with some sort of ray. I started to break a sweat. I can feel it on my eyebrow and in my back. When you actually put your body in that position, it’s totally impossible to do. light music I think the photo came out pretty well. I did feel pretty badass.

I’m pretty cool and I had a fan blowing my hair in the wind. I don’t think that I look bad in the photo but knowing what I was supposed to try and recreate, it was such a s huge failure in that sense. Her ass is a heart shape almost and mine is just flat across. Their drawings and her spine is a z and her butt is a bubble and it’s just not something that my body will ever look like. I thought it was really interesting doing this.

As a plus size woman because I was very conscious of the fact that my stomach was sticking out in places and the way these women are drawn she’s just basically a life size barbie and here I was trying to compete. You can’t help but feel really bad about yourself even though, even if I was Psylocke’s size, I don’t have the legs that she has and my torso is not that long. I didn’t realize how short my thighs were until this moment. That’s a new thing that I can worry about.

I feel like I wasn’t fierce enough. I did my best. I’m not going to get mad at my body for not being able to do impossible things. What I was trying to think was that I’m trying to fight crime but at the same time I’ve got to look beautiful and hot and like a boss ass bitch. I would like see her, I don’t know, in some kind of strength pose instead of a sex pose. i know that they’re not realistic but I do think that people who read these all the time.

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