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Hi guys Ashley here from Ashley James Health, today I just want to bring you a quick review on an ebook called The Dark Side of Fat Loss. Now the problem with weight loss or weight loss books is that there’s just so many ways to do it and so many conflicting views out there that people just don’t get results and I’ve seen so many people who’ve tried to lose weight and just end up gaining more than what they lost, and it’s usually because they’ve tried to do a diet that’s just not good for.

Them or it’s just not healthy or the science that they follow is just out of date. So that’s where The Dark Side of Fat Loss comes in because it’s actually really refreshing to see a book that talks about real weight loss in a natural and healthy way. So I just want to show you guys what The Dark Side of Fat Loss is, I want to tell you about why I think it’s good and who it’s for and who it’s not for. So firstly, what is the book and who is it by It’s by a guy called Sean Croxton. So.

We’re just going to go through to the website now. It’s by a guy called Sean Croxton and you can find out a bit about him on the website The Dark Side of Fat Loss dot com. There’s a tutorial on there, he goes through the whole history of how he got to where he is now. It also talks about why he came across what he did and talks about the sort of things that don’t work calories in vs calories out, talks about fat and he just really knocks.

The Dark Side of Fat Loss Review Full HD

It out the water and explains why it just doesn’t work. But that’s just all explained in the tutorial, it’s explained on the website, but I want to just talk through what is in the book. So if we just scroll down to the contents, the chapter contents. Chapter one Hold No Myths To Be True. Sean talks about the calories and why people just keep getting fatter and fatter and why calories in vs calories out just doesn’t work. Chapter two is probably the most interesting out of all the chapters for me personally.

Because it is about hormones, and hormones are one of those things where when I was at university I could just not understand it, particularly when it came to the hormones mentioned in this book Leptin and Ghrelin. Insulin’s not so bad because that’s fairly common, but Leptin and Ghrelin I could just not understand, but Sean explains it in a way that its’ just so easy to get that even my mum and dad could understand it! So the hormone chapter is really good. Let me just show you guys what it’s all about,.

So if I just bring up my iPad now, and I’m just going to move this across. So if we go to chapter two the hormone chapter. Anything that’s hard to understand in this book, Sean will write a diagram or draw a diagram and explain in a stepbystep way of the process and he explains it in such a way that I could just understand it so easy and other people I’ve shown this book to could also understand it really easy. So in front of us we’ve got a fat cell and we’ve got the hormone Leptin and how Leptin affects the brain and as you.

Go through the book it talks a little bit more about Leptin and Ghrelin and Insulin and how all of that interplays for you and how it affects fat loss or fat gain. So I’m not going to go through too much because there’s just too much to go through but other chapters in this book include Digestion, Sleep, Hormones, Detoxification, and then if there’s also an optional exercise book which you can buy when you buy the book. But there’s a few other things that’s worth mentioning in this book and one of them is Dark Sider.

Profiles. Throughout the whole book in each chapter, Sean mentions these Dark Siders and these guys are authors, or experts in a particular field who if you want to learn more about that subject you gust go to their website, you buy their book and you can learn more. So Sean’s not afraid to give you loads and loads of resources and references, so really really good value. Um he also summarizes each section very well and it’s just such an easy book to understand. But what I wan’t to do now is go through the cookbook with you guys,.

So if we go over to the Underground Cookbook it’s much the same way as the actual book itself but the good thing about this book is that it’s written by people like you and me people that have found a recipe that they like, they think is healthy, they’ll send it to Sean so when Sean was writing the book he asked all of his subscribers for recipes they want to see in the book, and this is what we’ve got. So, again we’ve got loads and loads of different sections, juicing, breakfast, poultry, cattle,.

Snacks. If we just go to the snacks for example, again we’ve got more and more. I’m just going to go to my favorite Raw Protein Bars. Now throughout the each recipe we’ve obviously got how to do it but some of the recipes have got tutorials too so if you click on a recipe it will take you straight to YouTube where you can see how the recipe is done. Hi there this is Chris Arkus from. I’m not going to go into it too much but just really really good and kind of clever way of showing you how to make each recipe. Now.

Let’s talk about the bonuses you get with the book. You get two bonuses one is the JERF30 food list, and the second is the Body Check List. So if we just open up the JERF30. JERF stands for Just Eat Real Food, so there’s a whole list on there of what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat and then if we go to the check list, the body language log. As you eat every meal you write down how it makes you feel if it makes you feel energetic.

Or lethargic and over time you can start to build up a picture of what works for you and what doesn’t, so rather than every other diet book out there which gives you this is what you must eat , this book helps you find what works for you so that’s why it probably works so well. Now when you buy the book you’ve also go the option of buying the workout manual. So lets just open this up, again written in the same kind a way but the author this time is Brett.

Klika, and if you’ve watched any of Sean’s tutorials you’ll see Brett in action with Sean, putting him through his paces which is really good, really entertaining! So we’ve got loads of theory about exercise, fat loss and how exercise plays into fat loss but the good thing about this book is that it takes you though daybyday and weekbyweek what program to do, what exercises to do and how to do them. So this is just an example, each picture links to a tutorial so if you’re not familiar with exercises you click on one.

Of these pictures and it takes you again to YouTube where you can see the tutorials done. Who is the book for and who shouldn’t buy the book Well if you’ve tried yoyo dieting, if you’ve tried crash dieting so many times in your life but you just seem to gain more weight than you lose and you’re fed up of doing it that way then this book could be for you. The book is not about rapid weight loss it’s about doing it right, eating healthy and understanding how everything works.

If you’re just interested in losing that weight as quick as you can and you’re not bothered about how you’re doing it then this book is not for you. So if you’re looking to do it in a healthy way then I would recommend this book. From a health practitioner’s point of view I would be more than happy to recommend this book to anyone. When I’ve used this book with other people it’s helped them change their mindset which is probably one of the most important factors for losing weight, and people.

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