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Hi, my name is Jackie Simon. And in this tutorial, I’m going to answer the question, What is this fat burning B Skinny Coffee and Tea Well, let me just tell you this. I have burned 22 pounds of fat just from drinking one cup of this fat burning skinny coffee and one glass of tea per day. I know it’s hard to believe, even I don’t understand it. But, here’s what I did. I’ve got the products. I took them to my doctor, just to make sure that they were safe. Once he gave me the thumbs up, I started drinking them.

Well, here’s what’s really cool, I actually started losing inches before I actually started losing pounds and that was really okay with me. I didn’t understand it but, so what I went from a size eight to a size two, without having to change my diet or exercise. So, what is the coffee Well, the coffee itself is so organic and fair traded and it’s infrared roasted. And so, what does that mean Well, most coffee beans are flame roasted so that it actually burns the beans and makes them very acidic. With infrared roasted, the flame.

Never touches the bean, so they’re not acidic. It doesn’t spike the blood sugar levels. All right, so it’s great for diabetics. It contains a bufferedcaffeine. That was very important to me because I’m a very caffeinesensitive person. And so, what I found with this and I was nervous about drinking. I’ll tell you the truth, is that you drink it, you feel energy, but you don’t get the spikes and crashes like you do with most caffeine beverages. It controls your hunger. So, you’ll drink the coffee, you’ll drink the tea and then, what you’ll find is that you’re just not as.

BoreshaWhat is this Bskinny Fat Burning Coffee Tea

Hungry. So, of course you need to eat, but you’ll make better choice as I can assure you. That’s what happened to me. And then, like I’ve mentioned before it balances your energy and it will combat stressrelated eating. And I know for a lot of you that’s probably really important. So, if you would like more information about this fat burning B Skinny Coffee and Tea, just go to my website at the end of this tutorial. And if you’re interested in a business opportunity, you’ll find information there about how can you share these wonderful products with other.

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