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Have you ever been in the state of complete flow or harmony some people call this a state of flow where everything just kinda happens in synchronistic order and everything in your life just is amazing and you feel it, you feel it on the inside.The more you feel this positive energy the world reflects back to you as it ripples into your reality everything that you have wanted.Well, one thing that’s been really rewarding to see, being a part of fitlife and helping thousands of people transform, is not seeing the physical body.

Transform because that’s cool and all and it’s easy to achieve physical results when you do the five day detox.I mean it’s simple, but what’s more important is that mental transformation.That soul transformation, that coming into alignment with who you really are, with who how yourself really wants you to be, and that’s what the five day detox does.So what are the five realisations that you’ll come into when you actually do the five day detox number one, i think the biggest realisation is you will start to realise what’s controlling you.

You see, if you’re anything like me, we’re controlled by food.You go on a vacation with your family, and what does everybody think hey, what are we gonna to have for lunch and then you’re eating lunch and everybody’s at the lunch table saying hey, where we going to have dinner and this is so big in america and it shouldn’t be like that because when your mind is wrapped around that, it can be consuming.And number two, you start to recognize what’s consuming you.Let’s face it, you and me, we’re very, very busy and we get wrapped.

Up in these busy, hectic schedules of waking up, hitting the alarm, rushing off to work, sometimes drinking the coffee in the morning, we’re so tired by the time 200pm rolls around.We’re just busy, busy, busy right well, when you start to recognize what’s consuming you, it allows for these creative forces and these energies to enter into your life to where you can make smarter decisions, and take less time wrapped up in this vicious circle of consumption.And that is a really great place to be.And that’s what the five day detox.

Can do.And number three, is you will instantly see where you were lacking in life.See, when you have more time, more of these creative energies coming into your life, and you recognize where you’re lacking, you’ll say hey i haven’t done this in a while.You know when was the last time i read a good book when was the last time i did meditation or did yoga or when was the last time i spent a moment with my children, being fully present and that’s what’s gonna happen when you do the five day detox.You just start to realise that you.

Can be a lot more present in your family, with your husband, with your kids, with your family.And you can have a lot more creative time for you, giving back to you because if you are not one hundred percent complete, and moving forward powerfully as a present woman or a man, then what are you doing you know we spend so much time just wasting our lives and twiddling our thumbs and ten years down the road, we realise that we haven’t hit our goals and we haven’t done anything in life that is really meaningful so it will.

Bring you back to this place of deep spiritual purpose and meaning and number four is, you become vastly more creative.Let’s face it, the food supply that we’re eating nowadays doesn’t have the all the vitamins and minerals and nutrients that are required for our body to use for cellular repair.Not only that, for our brain.Our brains are so amazing, and so creative, if we just give it the right nutrients.And that’s what the five day detox will do.Not only that, but you’re in a corrode of deficit, and research has shown when you’re.

In a corrode of deficit, the neurons in your brain start expanding much quicker, the synapses are almost in that survival mode.Maybe something that you’ve been thinking about for months, that you haven’t had an answer to is going to come to you like that once you recognize that your body is this miracle of a machine and your brain works so much more effectively when you’re giving it exactly what you need.And that’s what the five day detox will do as well.Alright so the last realisation is recognizing that you need to take action right.

Now.You know there’s so many things in our life where we think about it and we think about it some more and we go into this state of analysis paralysis and we search for something to do so that we don’t have to do that because we know that’s what is best for our higher self.We try to avoid it, we try to run away from what we know deep inside and our souls’ desires really important for us to accomplish.So the best way to do this is to take massive.

Action.And when you take massive action on it, get a plan, prepare.You know go grocery shopping, get everything you need for the five day detox.Make sure you have a juicer or blender.Or if you’re doing a food detox, make sure that you actually have the food laid out, that is gonna be most nutritious for your body.Make sure you have the supplements that you’ll need as well.For example, if you feel like you’re going to get a headache or if you’ve never done this before, when you’re not drinking your coffee or your caffeine,.

Then something that you might want to try is a little bit of magnesium or coconut oil.And the coconut oil is going to help you flush out the toxins in your body as well, when you do the juicing or the food or the smoothies.So just making sure you have a plan, making sure you’re prepared because this is a huge life change that you’re going through.And i know it because i’ve seen thousands of people who do this.I’ve seen so many transformational stories of not only the physical body like i told you about earlier.I mean people lose.

Five to fifteen pounds in the five days.But that’s not important.What’s important, is to get back to that self loving state that i know you can obtain.When you look in the mirror, you wanna smile back at yourself and say i love you.It’s so important very important! and so many others are caught up in the controlling zone, in the consuming zone, and realisation we don’t feel like we’re creative enough.So all of these realisations will happen when you begin the five day detox.If you want me to hold your hand through this process,.

And take you through it step by step, and give you the food that you need to be eating during the five day food detox or give you the juice recipes that you need, or the smoothie recipes that you need if you don’t have a juicer, and you wanna do the smoothie route, i’ve laid out all of this for you.I’ve given you a complete guide, everything that you need to do.What supplements you need to take and a little bit of motivation and will power as well to help you go through this process.And you know what, i’m also going to incorporate.

Lo’s tutorials and healing your gut because i think that’s really important.Eighty percent of our immune system on comes from our gut.So if you can repair that, you can repair our immune system, our body will be much more effective.And you know as well as i do, there’s a huge connection between your gut and your brain.So if you’d like this information, i encourage you to move forward, and click the link below this tutorial.And just remember, that it never was about the physical transformation.If you can transform in the mind, the body.

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