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Does Herbalife work Top earner and multiple award winner Lena Bjorna presents. Does Herbalife work What about the Herbalife marketing plan I want to suggest that going after your warm market is probably not the best way to build your Herbalife opportunity. In fact, it may be a recipe for failure. I want to see if I can share a little bit of my own story with you, and then I want to pose a solution for you.a much more effective way to go about building your Herbalife opportunity than using the Herbalife marketing plan.

Does Herbalife work My story with the Herbalife marketing plan I was a gogetter if there ever was one. So when upline said to tell everyone I knew about my new Herbalife opportunity, I went for it like there was no tomorrow. I sent out products samples to unsuspecting uncles and aunts, friends at church.even some of my hubby’s soccer buddies. He wasn’t too happy about that. Strangely enough, I never heard back from anyone. No one emailed or called to express their appreciation for the products. Products that I had paid for. That I had bought postage.

And envelopes for. And no one contacted me to thank me for telling them about the ground breaking Herbalife marketing plan and how they could make money with the business. No. It was mysteriously silent on the receiver’s end of the samples. Which made me wonder if maybe something had happened to my letters and samples. But then, one of the envelopes came in return, along with a polite note from a friend explaining that my this is not for me or something to that effect. And then I knew for a fact.

Does Herbalife Work Why You Could Fail w The Herbalife Marketing Plan

That the samples hadn’t gotten lost. I just didn’t get it. How could they not catch my vision A vision for better health, more wealth, a greater impact on the world around you. Today, of course, I understand that it’s not that anyone wanted to hurt my feelings they simply weren’t interested. And why should I have a reason to believe that they would be interested anyway Had any of them my aunts, uncles, friends from church, hubby’s soccer buddies etc. at any time expressed a desire to start a home business Had they.

Requested that I send them product samples Uhum, no. And that’s when it dawned on me It wasn’t them.it was ME. I was marketing my opportunity to the WRONG people. All these people that I’d sent my products to they were NOT my target market. So of course they weren’t going to call me and thank me for showing them my products or my Herbalife marketing plan! They hadn’t asked to see it! Duh. If I felt weird and embarrassed, I can only imagine how THEY must have felt. Does Herbalife Work Here’s What I Recommend You Do Instead Of Engaging in Warm Market.

Prospecting. Keep your lips zipped. Don’t tell anyone you know about your new Herbalife business opportunity or the Herbalife marketing plan. Not yet. Once you start making money, your friends and relatives are gonna be coming to you, wanting to know what you’re doing! But not now. Rather, take your Herbalife business online where there are thousands upon thousands of people all over the world who are already looking for what you have to offer. People just like you, who DO have the vision and who DO see what you see. People who WANT to join.

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