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Today we are going to be talking about a secret chemical compound which is the most powerful and effective fat burner available over the counter in the United States and in many other countries. I am not selling anything we are talking an ingredient not a specific product. I am going to really piss off the supplement companies and the Food and Drug Administration by sharing this secret with you so first let me protect myself first with this Big DISCLAIMER, I am not advising or condoning the use of ephedrine hydrochloric.

Acid as a sports supplement. The FDA has banned this product from being marketed as a sports supplement. It is very easy to purchase this product legally, dirt cheap but it is extremely, extremely powerful and has potential serious risks involved if misused. First of all before we get started let me quickly explain why buying conventional fat burners is equivalent the flushing money right down the toilet. When you buy a fat burner for about $50 the sad truth is you are basically buying a bottle full of glorified versions.

Of caffeine. Its like Starbucks, overpriced caffeine. The supplement companies are also nice enough to include an array of garbage under dosed chemicals only proven to work in mice. What happens is that any fat burner which actually works is also one that creates a strong physiological response. Anything which strongly alters the way your body works can be very, very dangerous and always gets banned. Ephedrine simply put, is insanely effective. It causes a major increase in metabolism, absolutely crushes appetite, causes major increase in energy and boosts strength. The.

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Scary thing is that these effects are greatly potentiated by caffeine. Top level elite bodybuilders and fitness models commonly take a stack called ECA. ECA stacks will melt the fat off you very, very fast. It is a combination of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. The aspirin is used to keep your body from developing a tolerance to the stimulant properties of the ephedrine and caffeine. Aside from black market, illegal, and prescription drugs nothing out there even compares to the ECA stack. Let me explain why it got banned and how most people still buy it legally today.

Ephedrine was sold in the 90’s as a fat burner. It was an automatic hit and just about everyone was using it. Being an extremely potent stimulant, people with per existing cardiovascular risks had heart attacks and strokes. People also abused the product which also resulted in death. The product was banned from being marketed as a sports supplement but remained available over the counter for alternate medicinal use. Ephedrine happens to be a bronchial dilator which open up the airways and assists people with bronchitis in breathing. Ephedrine also has another thing working against it. Ephedrine is a key ingredient in the production of crystal.

Meth. Street drug producers would buy many boxes of ephedrine at the pharmacy and easily manufacture the illegal drug. As a result the pharmacy regulates the amount of ephedrine a person buys by scanning their drivers license during check out. The most common ephedrine products are bronchaid and primatene. Common dosages are 25mg of ephedrine, 200 mg of caffeine and 81mg of baby aspirin taken up to 3 times a day. Of course without an A diet, the ECA stack is a useless as a horse without legs. I’m not suggesting you should use Ephedrine for fat loss. Ephedrine is dangerous.

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