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Hi there, welcome to Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. I’m hoping you know me I’ll be your trainer. My name is Jillian, and with me today my two best girls helping us out Anita beginners eyes on her. She is going to be doing modified versions of some of the harder exercises to help ease you into it. Now, for those of you who are up for a a bit of a challenge just a bit. ha ha keep your eyes on natalie and if you want to look like this, do what she does and you should be there in no time!.

Right. Sure. Ok. I think we’re ready to begin. Let’s start with a warmup. We’re going to begin with arm crosses take them out to the side and cross them over now here’s the idea. Big movements. Dynaimic stretching. Now that means we’re opening up the muscles with movement ok We don’t ever want to do static stretches until the workout is over as a cooldown now, you may not be as flexible as the girls just give me everything you’ve got and. shake it out. Windmills, here we go the idea here is to keep those arms locked straight.

Come around and across the body. Keep your abs tight and pick up as much speed as you can we’re opening up those shoulders and opening up the chest. I don’t want any injuries. You should be feeling that heart rate start to elevate and soon, the body is going to get a little bit heated. 2 more seconds here and. 2 nice. Shake it out. Right into jumping jacks, hit it! with our dynamic stretching, we are going to need some cardio in that warmup because we want to make sure that our heart rate is up and the body is literally warm because this.

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 1

Makes our muscles more flexible and keeps us from getting hurt. No getting hurt.That is not allowed Not part of the program. Here we go! 2 more, last one, and drop it Now we’re going into hip circles Feet are slightly wider than your hips, hands on the hips Now we’re going to take it around right here now if you’re like me, you might feel a little silly doing these, however, I always start with hip circles because, they open up all of the muscles in my core. and keep me.

From getting hurt getting too tight during my workout 2 more times around guys and 1 more big circle, really stretch it out right here. Perfect now, feet are going to come in about hipwidth apart we’re going to take it down. Hands on the knees We’re moving into knee circles ready Begin. Little bit oldschool here, but really effective loosening up those knee joints. We don’t want any injuries. Helping us create some flexibility in the joints Nice and loose. Take it way down and around, let’s go for 2 more.

And 1, and 2. Perfect, last set of jumping jacks and we are ready to begin. Let’s go Now, those of you at home who are looking for the modifies version of the jumping jack, look elsewhere. I am not going to give that to you because i know you can’t handle it. I’ve got 400 pound people that can do jumping jacks so can you. You’ve got to push yourself. That is what it is about. You want results, they are not coming for free. 2 more, here we go, and 1, and 2. Ok,.

Let’s begin 3 minutes of strength, let’s begin with pushups. Take it down to the mat get in pushup position, and drop it down, one. two nice, now. let’s come over here and take a look at Anita beginners, this is a really hard move ok, so if you need to, you can drop down to your knees notice how she’s still got a straight line from her knees to the top of her head. She is not bringing her tush way up in the air. Keeping her core tight. A little more advanced, ok we’re.

Over here with Natalie hands are ninety degrees, abs are tight on the balls of her feet Gonna do two more girls hit it. Last one, take it down bring it up back up, c’mon chop chop ladies, chop chop! Grab your weights. Ok we are going into squat and press. Come into a squat position feet just outside the hips engage the arms at ninety degrees. Let’s drop it down, up and press. Down and press We’re working little muscles in with big muscles here. Shoulders in with legs ok. Keep it rolling. Now, I don’t want to see you drop your arms down like this.

I want them engaged the entire time I want to be working those muscles the entire time. Now, have a look at Anita here. She is coming half way down, not getting quite as deep. we come over and we look at Natalie. She is sinking all of the way down dropping her quads and her thighs parallel to the ground ok. Here is something else I want you guys to be mindful of. When you are doing your squat, I don’t want to see any of this. That’s a no. Very bad for the knees. Don’t ever go there.

Alright hang in there now, let’s keep it rolling. now the way this is set up is you’ll do one serious strength move for thirty seconds, and then we will move into our compound movements, arms and legs for one minute let’s go two more good and down and up We are going to repeat now. Back into pushups. Let’s take it back down to the ground ladies all the way down, walking it out and. begin There is something I want you guys to also be aware of, Ok Notice we’ve got a straight line.

From the heels to the top of the head. She is not looking down, she’s not craning her head up I don’t want you guys to phone this in I want every single second of this workout to count. You don’t get to do a twenty minute workout and take a break it doesn’t work that way.If you want to work out for twenty minutes and see a difference, you’re really gonna need to push ok. Now, ladies back up right back into our squat and press grab a hold of those weights.

Here we go, pick them up and, take it down and press down and press. watch those knees sit the tush back ninety degrees down and straight up inhale here, exhale here.Remember. if this is too hard for you, follow Anita and if you need to catch your breath for no longer than five seconds and continue the reason we don’t allow rest is because we want your body to change as quickly as possible and in order to do that we’ve got to put stress on it that’s how things change.

If you put some stress on your body, it is going to adapt here we go, last two good this is it for strength, c’mon! up! beautiful guys set down those weights two minutes of cardio. Jumping jacks, hit it! Here we go, right into it. Now, the way I designed this system, it’s three minutes of strength moves, two minutes of cardio, one minute of abs, why. It is the most effective way to get fat off and build lean muscle. a combination of cardio and strength training is the best way.

To get as lean as possible in the shortest amount of time. We’re ready to move on Jump rope Hit it! Now. Look at Anita beginners, if you need to you can just barely come off of the ground and as you’re more advanced, you can come a little higher like Natalie is a couple inches, she’s really got the arms working. She’s getting the biceps in there with the circles right here, beautiful. A little slower over here with Anita. A little less impact. Very nice guys.Hang onto it Let’s stay with it. In.

Four seconds. Three. two and. jumping jacks. Right back. Here we go, so we’re going thirty seconds jumping jacks thirty seconds of jump rope and repeat. That’s our two minutes of cardio it might be hard now, but you’re going to find that if you’re diligent with this, in no time, your body is going to change. let’s go for four, last one. Jump rope one more time. Hit it! So often people think that they are not strong enough You guys are always told just take the stairs that is a false message of lethargy that is not doing you any favors. You are capable of working.

Out. You’re capable of working out hard You’re going to train your body, it’s going to adapt, and you are going to see the results that you want and that you deserve five seconds four three, two, and one. Abs to the floor no rest i want you moving the entire time all the way down basic crunch take it up. One and down. Two and down. Now, I want to take a minute and go over this with you there is no modification for this move Ok. It is really simple, but extremely effective.

Finger tips behind the ears, chin is up eyes are on the ceiling, pushing your throat up to the sky bringing the bottom rib to the top of the hip. Two more. Big exhale up, big inhale down last one and bring it down. Rest nice now, we’re going into what’s called a reverse crunch Ok. Hands are on the mat. Lets bring the legs up ninety degrees slight roll just lifting the tush up, and down up and exhale down and inhale up exhale down inhale we’re working a muscle called the transverse abs.

Right down here that little pooch that you guys get and you don’t dig this is going to help us get rid of that Ok. However, we can’t just do crunches that’s why we combine it with strength and cardio. Two more moves. Up exhale down and rest. Ok guys, circuit two. Let’s get back up and grab our weights we’re going into a back exercise now we’re going to do a dumbbell row Ok. Feet are hipwidth apart sink it down into a soft knee, head up, chest out, shoulders back and.

Pull and pull, right there. Very nice now, let’s take a look at Anita first there really is no huge modification here. very basic move but very effective. I want your back totally flat abs folding at the belly button okay sticking the tailbone into the wall behind you arms have tension, they are going out not down. Pulling those shoulder blades together the entire time. Lets hit it for three more, and two last one very nice. Good, now one foot forward, one foot back static lunge with a bicep curl and hit it.

Good. Up and down nice and smooth beautiful. Okay, lets take a look at Natalie right now. Nat is doing the advanced version she’s getting all of the way into the movement okay, from the top of the head, to the shoulder, the hip, and the back knee. We got a straight line Palms are up, elbows are back coming over looking at Anita, a little bit easier of an exercise here because she is not getting as deep into the movement there is no shame in that. Working your way into it. So very hard isn’t it.

Isn’t it buddy Yeah I think that she’s feeling it. A few more guys. Now, why are we working biceps in with legs, can’t we just do bicep curls No you cannot, okay. you have to work these small muscles in with the legs because they don’t burn enough calories on their own you want to work as many muscle groups as possible to get maximum calorie burn. Two more, last one, sink it down, and up. No resting right back into dumbbell rows. Good, ready and. hit it! One two, beautiful. Two things I want to show you. I don’t want to see any of this, no good.

Suck those abs in stick your tush out. If you’ve got it, flaunt it ladies, no shame and roll those shoulders back the entire time always think about pulling your shoulder blades in and pinching them together throughout the whole movement okay We are almost there, let’s go two more.One, and two gorgeous opposite leg forward static lunges and bicep curls ready, and begin! good and down. up, down, up perfect. There are a couple of more things that I want to tell you about this number one, make sure that you don’t bring that front knee.

Over the toe that’s not good for the knee. We don’t want that. We want a ninety degree angle in that leg that is beautiful now, believe me, I know that this is hard. I get it. It’s not easy, however, if we are going to make big promises to you, we got to deliver. We have to give you a workout that’s going to deliver results, and if you guys want those results, you’ve got to hang with us and fight for it. stick with it, you’re almost there couple more. Hold on guys.

When it starts to get uncomfortable, those are the ones that count the most that’s when I want you to push through that’s when change is going to happen let’s hit it for 2 more last one right here that’s it for strength drop the weights 2 minutes of cardio starting with butt kicks, and hit it! okay, now, let’s take a look Anita not coming all the way up, pulling the heels back, arms are engaged at 90 degrees but, not getting a full range of motion, much lower impact.

Now coming over and looking at Natalie. Full range of motion kicking herself in the ass quite literally isn’t that right buddy Working those hamstrings you should feel a pull in your glutes and your hammies getting ready to move on in three, two and one now, I want you to sink it down, take it back to the upper body. We are going for punches. Ready, and go good I want you guys to keep your abs tight on this bringing the arms across the body sink down in the legs, don’t phone it in, don’t stand up. Keep tension, I want your legs to burn.

Push push it out now, this is a great way to get cardio in if you have got any kind of lower body injury. Punches will blast that heart rate up when you bring attention to movement get some of that frustration out lets go in three, two, and one butt kicks, we aren’t done yet last minute, here we go and okay this is two minutes of cardio there is no stopping this is going to take the place of hours of phoning it in at the gym if you give me twenty minutes.

Of intensity guys. Twenty minutes if you think your going to die stay with Anita, she is going to carry you through it if you’re ready for more keep your eyes on Natalie two more, and, break. right into punches thirty seconds and we are into abs, ready guys and hit it. Good sink down don’t stand up. The deeper you can get with those legs, the better off. Push, lock the arms cross the body. I want to hear you guys screaming. I want you panting and grunting come on.

Push. We’re feeling it aren’t we I am. hang in there Let’s go for five seconds, four, three, two, and one to the mat abs one minute perfect now, beginners check out Anita. One arm flat on the ground Natalie has both hands behind her head We’re coming up in a crunch across the body and one, down, two down three beautiful have a look at this their eyes are up chin is off the chest their inhaling on the way down exhaling on the way up bringing the armpits over to the knee.

We’re not pulling on our head, we are not straining our neck the neck is not invited to this party, this is all abs ok guys, one more right here, up and across, and down switch it over, beautifully done ready and. one down, two down, three, would you look at these abs that’s pretty amazing this doesn’t come for free but boy, I sure wouldn’t mind having those abs and I would do just about anything to get it and what I’m telling you guys right now is, you’ve got to fight for this. I don’t want you to stop. Push.

Through this hang on guys, let’s go five more, four more, big exhale. Belly button into the ground. When you come up last two good here we go. Take it up and down. Okay circuit three, strength. stay on the floor grab those hand weights for me take one in each hand. I will help you out, anytime. arms straight up over the chest okay we’re going for chest flys, ready and take them down, and bring them up. Beautiful no modification here. These are fairly simple, very basic and yet very effective.

Noticing how my girls have a very slight bend in the elbow that they’re maintaining throughout the entire movement, they’re exhaling up, inhaling down. The weights are right here over their chests not their head not their tummy right up over the chest, big tight squeeze let’s hit it for two more guys here we go. Last one excellent now, i want you to bring it up with your hand weights moving right into legs and arms pick them up, get in a nice wide stance. We’re going with anterior raises with a side lunge, ready.

Hit it. Good, two, down, three and down let’s take a look. have a look at Anita not going wuite as deep into the exercise. That’s how we modify things like this, we just get a smaller range of motion, still with good form Let’s have a look at Natalie see how deep she is coming into the movement notice that this leg is straight and then when it comes down it’s bent into ninety degrees and the tush is coming back behind you to the side. Again, why are we working in.

Very nice guys, they don’t even cheat when I’m up here not looking they don’t even cheat, they are so tough. Good now, we’re raising the weights up to our eyes and down eyelevel and down working small muscles in with the big ones. Two more last one and back to the floor. Chest flys I think I will join you, I could always use a good chest fly in my life feet on the ground hip width apart, take it up, bring it down and one, and two this is your recovery.

This is where the heart rate is coming down, but we are still toning those muscles, and squeeze at the top, control the weight on the way down up and squeeze up and squeeze almost there push it out, here we go two more guys and, one and two, beautiful back up side lunge with a shoulder raise. In position, toes are forward, ready and begin. One, two, three, good here is what I don’t want to see. watch me real quickly this. Don’t roll the foot in, we don’t need any broken.

Ankles no good okay another thing I don’t want to see, the knee coming forward no good what I want you guys focusing on is the tush going out and back, out and back we are almost done with strength this is going to be it for workout one, push it out, hang in there. Let’s give it five more, four, three, two, last one, good. two minutes of cardio. almost there set down those weights. Now we are going to run through each cardio interval in this last circuit starting with jumping jacks, ready and, hit it. Okay,.

So we are going thirty seconds here with these jumping jacks, really push it out I know you are tired, I know you just want to stop right now and shut off this DVD don’t even think about it! Keep pushing, we don’t quit at the end, this is when we finish strong, isn’t that right we don’t get to the finish line and stop. That’s when we give it even more than we started with for two more, last one, perfect! butt kicks, right into it, and hit it! okay, this time.

A little harder putting those heels into those glutes, kick your own butt, and push. Focus in on breathing, you can do it. For those of you who are on day five, six, seven I bet you are seeing a huge difference in your endurance from day one. Let’s go for three, two, and one sink it down. Box it out right here hands up, and one time your breathing with your punches, exhale, exhale, exhale good, abs are tight get a little lower give me everything that you have got.

Tush back legs are burning right now punch, punch, stay with it, keep breathing, go four seconds three, two and one. No resting, ready and go last three seconds, I want you floating off of the ground right now because you are strong, this is easy for you. There is nothing you can’t do almost there breathe right here we are doing it with you we are all in the same boat together hang in there almost done with this guys in five, four, three, two, and one beautiful one minute abs.

And we are out of workout one. Hit the ground bicycle crunches finger tips behind the ears, legs in ninety degrees and one, and two, and three, and four, beautiful one minute here all of the way through look at their pace, slow controlled, breathing with every crunch. Inhale exhale, inhale, exhale head is up, eyes on the ceiling this is my favorite ab move. It is the absolute best why It works the upper abs, the lower abs and the obliques. We have combined all of our ab moves from this workout.

A basic crunch, a reverse crunch and an oblique crunch my favorite, we are almost there do not quit on me. I know that you feel that little knot in your stomach, but that is your body getting stronger. That is fear leaving your body right there. Stay with it, you don’t these kind of abs for free people. Hold on, give me five more, and four, and three, two more, two, last one, and one okay its cool down time and god knows that we deserve it hit that mat and get as deep.

Into a splits position as you can manage. If you are a little less flexible like me, very funny guys, get as far as you can take it over to the toes if you can reach if not, go to the calf reach the opposite arm across the leg stretch through your back right here your hamstring and your calf deep breath in come up center crawl forward for me. Neck is relaxed get as far down as you can go and breathe into the stretch don’t bounce, don’t push yourself too hard. no injuries please.

Come up nice and slow and soft opposite leg, coming across the body stretching at the back and the hamstring there we go no bouncing. Nice static, soft, smooth stretch here please bring it up clasp the fingers behind the back. Head is up, chest is out, shoulders back, pull through and breathe. Sit up tall, abs are tight and release coming across the body for shoulders grabbing above the elbow, pull through look over you should feel that running all of the way across the shoulder and in your back.

Shake it out and release. Up, over, look, nice, good and release stand up tall for me, let’s stretch out those quads, front of the thighs grabbing the foot with the opposite hand. Come up and pull that heel into your tail bone stretch out that quadricep muscle in the front of the thigh, and release it. Shake it out. Opposite leg, there we go, and pull it in, stretch it out, remember don’t pull that heel out like this because it is bad for the knees. Pull it into the body.

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