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Herbalife’s scientific leadership is made up of experts in the fields on nutrition and health from around the world. Dr. David Heber and world class scientists conduct research and help guide the development of Herbalife products. Herbalife works with the top talent in the nutrition industry and today you’re going to hear from the people in our organization who are responsible for helping ensure that our products are indeed the best in the industry. Dr. David Heber Right now there’s a global crisis, there are more overweight and obese people in the world than ever before. What is not so obvious is that many of these overweight.

People are not getting the nutrients they need. So how does Herbalife address the current crisis Well at the Herbalife Nutrition Institute we advocated integrated whole body approach to nutrition and wellness. Herbalife develops integrated products with this whole body approach to nutrition in mind. So all Herbalife products can be used together safely and provide balanced nutrition for the entire body. Herbalife products are based on the tried and true. The product development team starts with the basics of good nutrition and ingredients that provide the right balance of protein, fiber, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and other macro.

And micronutrients. Herbalife doesn’t just jump on new fads and trends, each ingredient used in Herbalife products must be substantiated and backed by significant scientific research and literature and Herbalife continues to test these ingredients to verify efficacy, purity, and stability. That’s how you know that what’s in the bottle is good for you. Narrator Many Herbalife products are classified as food products and others as supplements depending on local laws in each market. Dr. Bill Frankos, our Senior Vice President of Global Product Science, Safety, and Compliance, helps ensure that we meet or exceed regulatory.

What Ingredients Goes Into Herbalife Products

Guidelines for our products around the world. Dr. Frankos is an expert in our industry, he worked at the US Food And Drug Administration for 15 years and was responsible for developing and writing most of the guidelines effecting dietary supplement companies today. Dr. Bill Frankos The US dietary supplement, health, and education act was passed in 1994. This was an effort to establish comprehensive regulation of dietary supplement products. Since 1994, government agencies have been tightening regulations of pharmaceutical and dietary supplement companies and in 2007, the United States implemented the dietary.

Supplement Current Good Manufacturing Practice also known as cGMP Regulations. Because the United States has the most stringent dietary supplement, cGMP Regulations in the world, Herbalife manufactures all products to that standard. Narrator Because of these standards, we can assure consumers that the ingredients listed on the label really are in the product and nothing else. With cGMPs consumers can be confident that the products they’re buying are safe for consumption. Dr. Bill Frankos To satisfy the cGMP criteria, Herbalife confirms the identity of all ingredients and verifies that they are safe before they are added to any product. We also ensure that.

The level of ingredients provide the benefits stated on the label. Narrator Nearly 150 botanical ingredients are used in Herbalife products. Because of Herbalife’s high quality standards, it can take up to a year and a half to screen potential ingredient suppliers. We provide suppliers with ingredient specifications and test numerous samples before deciding whether to make a supplier part of the Herbalife family. Once a reliable ingredient supplier is identified in process testing guarantees that every product always meets cGMP standards. Gary Swanson With in process testing we guarantee that purity and potency of an ingredient from the time is comes from the fields through.

Manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. We make sure the levels of vitamins and minerals meet our label claims and we rigorously test for yeast, mold, bacterial obscurity, and environmental contaminant. Narrator New Herbalife products also undergo moths of stability testing before they are released to the market. One of the reasons we do this is to determine the appropriate shelf life of the new product. During stability testing samples are kept in chambers that are calibrated to match 5 distinct climate zones that are also tested several times throughout the evaluation period to ensure the product.

Meet label claims and remain safe for consumption. Gary Swanson Products stability means that our product will remain suitable for consumption. Look and taste as it should and provide the stated benefits for its entire shelf life no matter which of the 5 climate zones we ship the product to. Narrator After manufacturing Herbalife also monitors the environment that finished products are exposed to while in care of the company. Gary Swanson Herbalife has invested heavily in a state of the art temperature monitoring program that surveys the environment where the products are stored and held for distribution.

We also monitor products during shipping using data loggers. These devices record up to 4,000 points of climate data. This data in turn helps us determine the right shipping method to use so we can guarantee that our product’s quality is not compromised when they are sold to consumers. Narrator Our commitment to product safety and quality doesn’t end there. Dr. Bill Frankos We also have a state of the art post market surveillance system Herbalife to monitor any reports about the quality of our products or health effects that may result from using our products. Until recently, this.

Sophisticated system was never used by a dietary supplement company. Herbalife is bringing a whole new level of safety monitor for the industry and is raising the standard of excellence for the entire dietary supplement industry. Michael O. Johnson So now that you know that what’s in the bottle is good for you and that what’s on the label is in the bottle, you’re probably wonder How do we know where our ingredients came from. Well as you can see, we’ve been there. Whether it’s the tea fields in Hunan China, the.

Aloe fields in Mexico, or the Soy Bean fields in central Illinois. We know where our ingredients come from and how their cultivated, harvest, and processed into the raw materials used in our Herbalife products. It all comes down to strategic sourcing in our seed to feed initiative. This strategy is going to help make Herbalife stronger, more competitive than ever before. In the coming years we will continue to invest in company owned facilities like our Botanical Extraction Facility in Changsha Hunan China and our manufacturing facilities in Lake Forest California and Sujo China. Are the ingredients in the product.

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