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The only way to burn fat is to have healthy muscle. If you don’t have muscle.you can’t really burn fat. So the most effective fat burning strategy is actually musclebuilding not so much fat burning. So what does caffeine do again it blocks PDE Phosphodiesterase so that you have a lot of the cyclic AMP around so that HSL Hormone Sensitive Lipase HSL is activated. it’s charged. Tt’s ready to go. It’s ready to snip up the stored triglyceride inside the lipid droplet inside your fat tissue. again the back in the arms and.

Legs and so forth. This will help you burn more fat while you work out. Now you can’t. Unfortunately I have bad news. If you’re just sitting still it’s really hard to just be a burn fat and lose a lot of weight. You have to actually exercise!! but the cool thing about caffeine is that when you take it before you exercise. exercise is more enjoyable. The perceived exertion so when your legs are burning in your arms are burning or your heart is pumping. that doesn’t feel to our brain as hard as it really is!!.

Without the caffeine. So caffeine really helps with that exertional effort caffeine helps your muscles put out more force more power and again it activates Hormone Sensitive Lipase HSL so that you burn More fat. Let’s talk about caffeine and how it can help you weight less burn fat better, have better workouts and better mental acuity. So here’s the research a study of eighteen thousand individuals actually showed that caffeine users weigh less than non caffeine users and the reason why that is because caffeine increases your resting metabolic rate.

Caffeine Burns Fat, Builds Muscle

Caffeine raises energy expenditure. It actually increases the amount of fats that you have in your bloodstream. if you take before you workout is a good thing I want to share with you why that is so there’s a process known as lipolysis. the show you a little bit more details about in just a few moments but i wanna get back to the prework aspects of caffeine so caffeine she splits up your stored fat that into these free fatty acid molecules so they can be burned inside the muscle tissue during exercise.

But that’s not all if you take a thing before you workout you preferentially burn more fat for fuel so when you exercise your body tends to want to use sugar for fuel but when you take caffeine it will pivot your body away from burning sugar and instead favor the burning out these free fatty acid raised take caffeine now that’s just the brief cursory overview caffeine caffeine actually helps you have a better workout it but once the pain response every deuces the perceived exertion someone you really hasn’t hit the gym and.

Muscles are burning chest is you know which ones are burning from the lactic acid answer for caffeine makes that feel less painful you can’t push yourself harder you can burn more fat you can cause more metabolic stress which over time will cause your body to be more physically fit caffeine increases strength outplay aerobic threshold in with a big threshold power output at the glycolytic response are so many aspects related to exercise performance ever increased through caffeine you mention reaction time learning cognition focus concentration all those areas at the mental game.

When it comes to life workforce for performance increased as well now let’s dive over to the white Ford now wanna share with you a few tips about how caffeine really helps to increase the fat burning process and increases hormone sensitive lipase HSL. which is really important but before I do there’s one more active role in a share about caffeine researchers have shown that individuals that take caffeine and swish it around their mouth they actually get a greater response from its.so there’s a way you can do that by.

Just taking or caffeine products or something like Pure Energy Lipo Factors by MYOXCIENCE which is an interesting combination. you can swish around and now and that enhance the cognition burning metal can focus its efforts but it also improves aerobic capacity and anaerobic capacity while you’re exercising so that’s a little tip that I just learned from a recent study. So lets hop on over to the white board and check out the lipolytic effect of caffeine You want to look better, you want to burn fat. So what you need to do is.

Activate this enzyme called hormonesensitive lipase HSL the way that that activated is through adrenaline now you probably associate adrenaline with the stress response but anytime you exercise you increase adrenaline and actually the more trained you get the more you exercise the more adrenaline you release and the more what’s called a beta adrenergic receptors you have on your fat cell so the the cool thing about weight loss is once you hit a certain level.it becomes easier and easier to maintain our body composition the more trained you get.

The more adaptations occur inside your body so the easier it is to act have a journal and admit or months and some white bass too then snap up the store triglycerides and liberate what’s called 3 fatty acids I want to pause and emphasize free fatty acids so these are actually when people say like you’re burning fat for fuel this is what they’re talking about your body actually stores what’s called TG’s triglycerides to nothing less from backbone with three these little but free fatty acid like molecules but your muscle tissue which by the way is where fat is burned.

That’s burns and my country and muscle some of those really important but that’s a topic for another tutorial your muscle tissue can only burn for a fat ass and so we’ve been done it does this is called for months as to why this you may be thinking about how can we increase at half we get increases end and then we can have more from fatty acids to burn and I’m going to tell you how you do that well there’s a compound called caffeine I’m sure you’ve heard a bit maybe you’ve ingested.

Some today in coffee or tea well caffeine and blacks this enzyme phosphodiesterase PDE if you really want to know the name it’s called phosphodiesterase PDE I believe but anyway PDE takes a cyclic AMP over to AMP or to make this AMP or adenosine monophosphate okay now why is bad Well cyclic AMP is needed to activate hormone sensitive lipase HSL so of cyclic AMP is moving over here that mean for this hormone sensitive lipase or HSL activity is going to go down on okay so what is caffeine do again Tt blocks Phosphodiesterase PDE so that you have a lot of the.

Cyclic AMP around so that hormone sensitive lipase HSL is activated it charged its ready to go it’s ready to snip up the stored triglycerides inside the lipid droplet inside your fat tissue again the back in the arms and legs and so forth so this will help you burn more fat while you work out now you can unfortunately a bad news if you’re just sitting still it’s really hard to just be a burn fat and lose a lot of weight you have to actually exercise but the cool thing about caffeine is that when you take it before you.

Actually size exercise more enjoyable yet the perceived exertion select when your legs are burning in your arms are burning or your heart is pumping that doesn’t feel to our brain as hard as it really is without the caffeine so capping really how so that exertional effort caffeine helps your muscles put out more force more power and again it activities for months since my best so that you burn more fat which is all good now there are some downsides to caffeine a lot of energy drinks on the market a lot a preworkout drink.

They contain two hundredplus milligrams of caffeine per bottle you know so if you take that he might have a great workout but you’re not be able to sleep I’m telling you because I’ve worked at gyms Gold’s Gym I’ve worked at Vitamin Shoppe and so our forth. I’ve tried all these energy drinks from Redline to monster to other energy drinks. you name it N.O.Xplode.I’ve tried them all. I really have and every time I take it that you have a great workout and i’d like love it and then I can’t sleep and and a then I have a crappy work out the next few days and.

Then I have cravings at all and I’m sure you’ve experienced that so what’s really naked there’s a new compound on the market comp your energy and it’s basically caffeine down to aim come to called pterostilbene still being and what this enables the caffeine molecule to to be better absorbed and the breakdown is a little bit slower so that you have this same high levels and high low highlevel activity of or months and some white bass you can burn fabbri officially but you have to take as much caffeine.

And so there’s a product called Lipo Factors by MYOXCIENCE that I’m happy to announce to you that futures this pterostilbene compound again the pterostilbene caffeine combination called Pure Energy it’s an sachet. Sold by a company that you know I found it MYOXCIENCE so I recommend taking this on an empty stomach before you work out because this will dramatically increase your fish in save your workouts how efficient you burn fat and a perceived exertion so make exercise more horrible now also if you take this in the morning which I highly recommend that’s the most.

Beneficial time to burn fat is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach you’re going to have high levels of adrenaline and again adrenaline is going to help you activate hormonesensitive like this as well so that delightful factors and adrenaline work synergistically particularly in the morning so if you can get up for seeing the morning and epistemic but this time some water injuring him for you go for your walk or a treadmill or cross that whatever the exercise program is not only we have a better workout but you’ll be able to focus a little bit.

Better at your job and maybe you’re working mother or maybe your CEO or professional or whatever your profession is caffeine really does help work on the new performance as well so it’s not just limited to increase fat burning an increase you know exercise enhancement but it also helps with cognitive performance a surfer now and also thrown in a free tutorial for anyone to purchase is a product again we’re gonna have shipping anyway done this be a free tutorial on my had purchased the hacks so that’s something that lot of people have.

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