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Muscle Research product review intro What’s up guys, I’m Tyler D from Muscle Research and I know what you are thinking Yes. I still have an extra large tshirt on trust me, I have put it on paper that we need mediums but apparently everyone in the company is 240 cause all we have are extra large’s What the F Anyways, what I wanted to talk about today is the 30 Day Fat Blast Stack by Muscle Research That’s right, a 30 day fat blast stack, its a tongue twister but I’ll get it eventually.

Anyways, here it is. It comes with a book that sets out everything you need. A book! Look at this thing, its a book. We have a 30 day schedule a meal plan, workout routines, recipes and supplement schedule. Lets go through it. Look at it, it’s simple, anyone can follow this. It tells you what you are going to eat what workout you are going to do and what supplements to take and how much to take for each day! It EVEN has cute pictures of food from the recipes. OMG!.

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