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Hey Guys this is Karan Asthana from Indian BodyBuilding Formulas and welcome back to the another episode of how to reduce weight.So,In this tutorial I will discuss about the most common Nutrition and Supplementation Myths in India.Although there are hundreds of such myths but I will discuss only top 5,so lets get started. So the very first myth which is very common amongst,especially the beginners is that they think water can make them fat and this is absolutely false because water does not consists of any calorie and you actually require water.

Because water is responsible for the transportation of all nutrients to your body and your body,your total body mass is 70 of water and 75 of your muscle mass is also water,so you can have an idea of how important the water is, and the thing is that this myth arises from the confusion that when someone is already in a single digit bodyfat and he is willing to go on a photshoot so he has to leave salt and water for a few days and infact he has to reduce the quantity to make his physique look dry on the photoshoot day,so the people.

Get confused from here and they think if they will also leave the water and salt then they will also look ripped.So I hope I have cleared this myth.So heading to another myth is that people think lemon water will help them to lose fat.Yeah you can lose weight but not fat from lemon water because lemon water is alkaline in nature and what alkaline drinks do is that they detoxify your body and they remove the temporary bloated water in your body and you tend to gain it back in a few days so there’s no point of using this approach.

Top 5 Bodybuilding Nutrition Supplementation myths in India

Instead focus on permanent fat loss solutions,instead. So heading to another myth is that so people think that there are some kind of Green Tea available which will help them to lose fat regardless of their diet,so there is one guy in my gym who was sharing this story his gym buddies that how he got a green tea from outside the India and he lost like 5 kgs in two months with the same diet,so he just replaced the green tea with his normal Indian Chai,so a normal Indian Chai is consist of 100 calories and if someone is drinking Indian Chai for.

4 to 6 times,so he’s taking like 400 to 600 calories and if you replace it with Green Tea then you are creating a deficit of 400 to 600 calories because green tea does not consist of any calorie and as long as you don’t add any other thing like sugar or honey to it,so he lost weight because the caloric deficit not because of the magical properties of green tea. So heading to the another myth is that when people go on a cutting diet they completely remove fat off their diet,thinking that they.

Will lose fat easily but the thing is that even if you are going on a cutting diet you still require all three macro nutrients whether it is protein,it is carbohydrate or it is Fats,so.but in a calculated amount so what happens when you deprive your body from fats that it tries to hold the remaining fat and even if you are losing weight on the scale the most of the weight you have lost is your muscle mass and the thing is that the fat is very fat is very essential for your bones and joints health and there are many vitamins.

Like Vitamin A, Vitamin E,Vitamin D,Vitamin K which are soluble in the fat,so this is why fat is important,so don’t remove fat completely from your diet,it will not help you. So heading to the last myth of this tutorial which is that people think if they will buy isolate protein so they will get a lean body and if they will buy whey protein concentrate then they will get a bulky body,so we have a mentality that the expensive the supplement are better results we will get,however this is not true because if you compare the scoop.

Of a whey protein Isolate and a scoop of Whey Protein Concentrate there is not much difference in both.Because you will see that Whey Protein Isolate has 2 3 extra grams of Protein while,Whey Protein Concentrate just has 23 extra grams of fat and carbohydrates and in over all equation,it does not makes a very big difference even if someone who is taking upto 3 scoops a day., So this brings us to the End of this Tutorial and if You wish to see such more tutorials in the future make sure you subscribe the channel,if you have any query I will be available in.

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