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Hi everybody I’m Tim Anderson welcome to Drinks Tube and some of you may know me as a beer geek from the other tutorials I have done for Drinks Tube but I also I’m a chef by trade and I love using Japanese flavors in my recipes today I’m gonna make an amazing soft drink using two kinds of green tea and vanilla something I call a vanilla green tea cooler now green tea and vanilla is one of my alltime favorite flavor combinations it’s bittersweet victory but creamy and it’s lovely it’s a great pick me up especially on a hot day.

You’ll need a few different ingredients for this recipe this makes one but obviously you can just scale it up if you want to make a batch of it we’ve got some loose leaf green tea we’ve got some matcha thats powder Japanese green tea got some vanilla bean paste some condensed milk milk and some ice first step something you’ll have to do ahead of time is to make cold brew green tea all you have to do is take 2 tablespoons the loose leaf green tea put it in a jar cover it with the 150 ml of.

Cool water give it a swirl and let it steep for 12 to 18 hours overnight and shake it at least once while it’s infusing cold brewing green tea is a really great way to get a big flavor out of your tea because the lack of heat means they won’t have any bitterness so you’ll have a very strong tea but none of the astringency you get from using hot water that way our finished drink is not gonna have any bitterness and its going to be really really smooth but still full of flavor once our cold brew is infused.

Vanilla Green Tea Cooler Tim Anderson

We’re ready to make our drink first thing we do is make our vanilla milk mixture so all that is is a tablespoon of condensed milk a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste you can get vanilla bean paste at any big supermarket just look in the baking section and just to thin it out a bit a teaspoon of milk give it a stir look at that and it smells like cookie dough it’s really really good next we’re going to make our matcha mixture so matcha is a very very strong green tea flavor.

It’s like the espresso of green tea and a little bit goes a long way so we’re going to take half a teaspoon of matcha and mix it into 30 mls that’s two tablespoons of hot tap water now this is a bamboo whisk specifically for whisking matcha you can get it online or at good teashops or some Japanese grocers but if you don’t have one or you don’t want to get one then you can just use a normal whisk for this what we want to do is start by breaking up any clumps of that.

Matcha powder and then once we’ve broken some of them up just go around the edges like so and get a little bit more vigorous to help it dissolve there it is that’s our matcha mixture so we got our three elements ready to go our cold brew green tea our matcha and our vanilla milk let’s get shaking gonna take our cocktail shaker bottom add the matcha mixture we’re gonna take our cold brew green tea pour through a sieve and look at that color now we’re just gonna add some ice.

Let’s shake so we’re gonna layer this drink so you can mix it up as you drink it and the flavor will change over time so we’re gonna put our vanilla milk in the bottom then we’re gonna fill it about halfway up with ice and then pour over our nicely chilled green tea finish with a straw and there you go that’s the vanilla green tea cooler so just give it a stir before you dive in mmm that’s really good that is like a liquid green tea birthday cake.

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