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What’s up, guys? jeff cavaliere, athleanx . I’m going to take you behind the scenes today. We’ve done it a few times before. One of the questions is, ‘Jeff, what do you take for your supplementation? What are you exactly taking from morning until night?’ Well, I figured, I’ll open up my cabinets for you, and I’m going to show you why that’s important in just a second. We’ll come back and point to that.

But i actually take my vitamins and i’m going to tell you where i take them throughout the day and why. And then I have my workout supplementation as well. A lot of you guys will probably have something that looks somewhat similar to this, and that’s a lot of bottles. Now, I take a lot of these things for a lot of different reasons some of which are insurance policy because I can tell you guys that.

Even though i eat extremely healthy and admittedly, i am one of the healthiest eaters out there, I still feel there’s certain things that I’m not getting enough of, and if I can take them in supplemental form, they act as an insurance policy for me. Now that being said, there’s certain things that I don’t think, especially when it comes to workout nutrition, that you’re going to get the workout benefits from them unless you’re supplementing.

You’re simply not going to get enough creatine in your diet from eating foods alone especially not on a consistent basis. So, there’s certainly some workout ingredients that will be much more beneficial to you in supplemental form. But let’s start off on this end over here. I kind of have my fatty acids. And again, I take omega6 fatty acids in the form of evening primrose oil.

And i take my high grade omega3 fatty acids. now, the omega6, some guys would say, jeff why would you even bother taking omega6? We know that in large amounts, omega6’s can actually be inflammatory as opposed to antiinflammatory. Well, if you had a diet that was the typical diet based on high sources of vegetable oil or from highly processed foods using vegetable oil, that might be the case. I don’t eat any of that crap. I eat such a low processedfood diet that I don’t really.

Have a high amount of omega6’s floating around. And also, omega6’s are highly stored in body fat. Again, I don’t have a lot of body fat as we speak. So, I tend to need a little bit of supplemental omega6’s, and of course I balance that out, because the ratio is very important, with my omega3’s. And I take 3 a day of the omega3’s and this is a pharmaceutical grade omega3. This is.

My father’s own c’s omega3’s fatty acid. These are the ones that we sell at ATHLEANX.COM. I sell these because I have more experience with this, as you can imagine, than any in my life. I’ve taken this for the last 20 years. My father is a physician for those of you guys that don’t know. He produced a pharmaceutical grade EPA/DHA concentration of omega3 fatty acids and this.

Is exactly what i take. I believe in it so much obviously that I actually even give it to my dogs. I have it lined up usually right over there next to their food which by the way anybody, since this is behind the scenes tutorial, who’s always asked about what that vegan formula is there, that is my dog, Darla’s. She’s a vegan. Go figure. Well, that’s the idea. Again, I recommend to you and my family only the things that.

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