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Hey guys my name is Jameelah ElAmin and I just want to do a quick review regarding the Sisel Fire n ice tea is something new that came out and I am in love with guys I tell you i’ma tea drinker and let me show you know what I’m talking about but its low glycemic tea it is also sisel fat burning tea it gives you energy and what I’ve really noticed about it is that it gives me energy to give me that that that pick me up but it doesn’t give me the jitters oh my god.

I’ve been looking for something that doesn’t give me the jitters and doesn’t get me all wired up right so I can’t really do like caffeine so for those of you who like myself this is absolutely perfect for you and then it tastes amazing oh my god it’s delicious you know most of time I hafta put a little sweetener with a little lemon and honey but but this have to do anything so go out there get the tea it tastes great doesn’t give you the jitters and a bonus you can actually sisel wieght loss tea will help you lose weight lose a few.

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