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What’s up guys its Tyler D from Muscle Research and I am going to bring you another product review as usual. First of all, look at this They’ve got a little mic on me. They’ve got people over here adjusting my mic I’ve got makeup on right now As you can see we are in a gym now! I mean, there’s no sheet on the wall but there is also no paint hopefully sooner or later we can fix that, I mean c’mon now look at that sht Let’s talk about Premium Powders LCarnitine LTartrate.

LCarnitine is from the Premium Powders bulk line of supplements that are single ingredient. Do you see that damn fly swinging at fly Single ingredient bulk powder supplement with nothing else. No additives No flavorings It has an accurate scooper included If it says this product has a 1 gram scooper you can bet your a$$ on that. Lets get down on the results of LCarnitine LTartrate This supplement has been proven to reduce muscle damage during your workout. LCarnitine LTartrate can also boost your fat metabolism and help with recovery time from workout to workout.

This is a staple supplement product. Muscle Research approached me a little while ago and said, hey we’ve got this new product and I want you to try it if you love it, do a review on it, if you don’t throw it out. That seems pretty fair for a free product so why not So, I gave it a shot. After supplementing with LCarnitine LTartrate for a week I noticed that my recovery time was a little better. It wasn’t amazing but I could tell a difference. I also noticed a tightness in my arms and chest so I am definitely going to keep this in my supplement regimen.

LCarnitine LTartrate supplement review tutorial by Muscle Research

We will just see where I go from here I told you what LCLT does, I told you why to take it, now lets get down to the nitty gritty LCarnitine LTartrate is $’.99 at mrsupps with free shipping free shipping, I’ve got to plug that What’s different about is It’s not like a normal supplement where you get 2030 servings You are going to get four hundred servings That is going to last you six months! One cool thing about Premium Powders is that they always put desiccant packets in their products.

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