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Life Fitness 95ti Treadmill Hi, I’m Ian from Fitness Brokers USA and this is the Life Fitness 95ti treadmill. The 95ti is a commercial quality treadmill that you find inside many of the top fitness clubs and gyms. This treadmill features the exclusive Flexdeck Shock Absorption System. It reduces impact on the body by nearly 30 more than other treadmills. It’s got a heavyduty four horsepower motor and a weight limit of up to 400 pounds. I’m actually two hundred fifty pounds and I have no problem running on this treadmill. It’s got an incline of up to fifteen degree,.

Making it feel like you’re really running uphill. It really intensifies the workout. It comes with a patented Life Pulse and Polar Telemetry heart rate monitor. To just get on and go, walk on and hit the quick start button and then the belt will start moving. It will ask you to hold the sensors for your heart rate which you can do or you can start changing the speed up to higher than.5 miles per hour. This treadmill actually goes up to fourteen miles an hour if you’re that fast. It comes with twenty eight different types.

Of workouts including different zone training workouts, different personal trainer workouts, but right now we’re going to try a fat burn workout. It going to ask us our weight. Enter the weight and hit enter. Enter time. We’re going to do a twenty minute run. Hit enter. Age, enter your age, hit enter again, and then it’s going to ask you for your speed. Let’s do four miles an hour and there you go. The belt will start moving. Step on the belt and start your workout. So if you’re looking for a commercial quality reliable treadmill for your home or your gym,.

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