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Hey there, Drew Canole FitLife.Tv this is another Fit Review. Today, I’ll actually be reviewing the Polar RS 100 heart rate monitor watch. Let me tell you a little bit about it. Alright, so the reason why Batman is a superhero is not because he has this amazing ability to fly through the sky and shoot lasers out of his eyes it’s actually because of his tools. So if you want to really push yourself to that next level, that athleticism that only a few people can ever have, you gotta have the right tools and one of those tools.

Is this watch. Alright, we got the RS 100 Polar watch. Now this is at a base level, there’s a lot of other heart rate monitor watches that are out there that have a lot more bells and whistles but this was perfect just for me. You see it has the backlight so I can run at night, it also measures my heart rate and lets me know when I’m dipping below the average of where I want to maintain that heart ratio. Another that I like about this watch is the actual strap hooks up to all of the machines at my. One thing that.

I don’t like about this watch is sometimes I put it a little too tight and it’ll move up on my wrist and I’m a weight lifter so when I’m lifting weights I’m pressing it off. This rubber is a little bit harder than some of the watches that I’ve tried on in the past so it actually cuts into my wrist a little bit, I’m not bleeding or anything and I can actually handle the pain but it would be nice if it was made of a little bit softer material. Another pro is actually, and I thought this was gonna be a con in the.


Beginning, people are reluctant to wear heart rate monitors because it looks like they have a bra strap on, you see this And they say it’s going to be uncomfortable Drew, you’re not really going to like this strap. Well, I literally can’t even feel it. So it’s actually a pro because it’s going to give me a lot more accurate reading when I wasn’t my heart rate measured. Alright, one more con and I’ll give it to you and that’s it, this is the only thing that I have against this watch, is that it’s not really that.

Sexy, kay I’m not going to go win a sexy contest or anything like that but you know, they do have a color, the RS 100 that actually comes in red, I didn’t order it because the red one was like seventy Dollars more, this is just over a hundred Dollars, the price on Amazon coming in at around a hundredten bucks, well worth the money. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor watch right now, I strongly suggest you get one. So the rating system you guys, you know it, it’s the Fit Men review, one to four Fit Mens. How many.

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