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How many sets and reps to build muscle for size mass strength

How many reps to build muscle gonna go over how many reps it takes to build lean muscle building lean muscle is not easy especially for many guys all guys it’s fast metabolisms kind of a really hard time putting on muscle so when these guys or girls had a pro How many sets and reps for mass, size, and strength muscle we tried to most efficient effective way kinda like when you’re trying to find a match on tender you want to make it most efficient as keeps wiping right and if you’re like me you match with you could always unnatural so one really good way to do this is by finding out how many reps are supposed to do in order to have maximal hypertrophied games hypertrophy just.

Another word for building muscle so in order to have maximal muscle gains we’re gonna have to do a specific amount of reps set and there’s gotta be certain method to are exercising he gets the job done in the most efficient way possible let’s talk about rest I’m gonna rock should we do to build the maximum amount of muscle as a personal trainer I’ve been certified by couple different organizations some of them say sixty eight reps some say six to 10 reps some say six to 12 reps for hypertrophy but one thing is common in all these different certifying bottles they recommend a bare minimum of six reps and.

This is something that I can agree with from my own experience anything under six reps does tend to build strength but it’s a lot harder to control the way in a way that would help you build a mosque the National Academy of Sports Medicine which is one of the most wellknown personal training certifications recommends that you do anywhere from six to 12 repetitions and they change this all the time I personally always preferred sixty eight repetitions everybody is if you have to figure out what works for you sixty eight reps always worked very very well for me.

10 reps might be it for you the amount that you can list your strength in a list also very much core leagues with the size of your muscles now I know this isn’t always true for all people I’ve seen many bodybuilders they used very very lightweight and they’re able to control that weight very very slowly and gain muscle size that way most natural article is that I have personally net gain the size of the game have put up some serious few weeks so what i recommend for hypertrophy to put on muscle is a little thing hope you are as How many sets and reps for mass, size, and strength a nation there’s different phases when you’re doing throughout his Asian so the.

First days is going to be three weeks law for three weeks you gonna do six repetitions three weeks and repetitions and in the last three weeks I want you to do anywhere from three to five repetitions that’s it now at the end of those nine weeks you’re gonna go back to your first three weeks you gonna go back How many reps to build muscle to the six repetitions and I bet you’re going to be blown away at how much more we could live for those six repetitions and by lifting that heavy load you gonna break down muscle tissue and be more size as far as sets I recommend anywhere from three to four sets per exercise more poorly than all of that when you’re.

Trying to build muscle your form to be as close to perfection as possible we want to keep the tension on the muscle that we’re working on the whole time you wanna do to maximize muscle gain by going really slowly during the east central portion of your contractions so for example as you’re coming down that the east central contract that’s the portion of the excess we’re breaking the most amount of muscle tissue down remember to go to failure also supersets really helps as well I really like to do a compound movement and then super set up with an isolation movement on the muscle that I’m trying to target for.

Growth so for example if your flat bench press right afterwards I’ll get up and I’ll grab dumbbells and I’ll do chest flies that really helps exhausting muscle and bring it closer field remember your body doesn’t want to put on extra muscle mass for no reason because when you products from muslim consumers Energy upkeep so you have to literally force your body to grow and the only way you’re going to do that is by consistently hitting failure make sure you’re getting filled those are my three main tips for building your muscles number one position makes up the referee and just this week you can How many sets and reps for mass, size, and strength.

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