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Fat Burning Zone For Heart Rate

300!. I’m dying. Heart rate.where do I want it to really burn fat We’re cracking some myths about it Then I’ll offer some tips for the beginners and also coaches We’ll start by uncovering a myth Well.first thing you should know.when you workout you use two sources of energy Glycogen carbs and Fat If you’re at 50 maximum heart rate.let’s say 100 beats per minute. You’re burning 60 from Fat and 40 from Glycogen So.there’s a theory that the fat burning zone is between 55 and 70, while this ratio still favours Fat usage.

This led people to believe that this way you’re burning more fat than if you were doing high intensity workouts But this is bullsht and I’ll tell you why The confusion is based on these relative terms rather than absolute ones. Because by raising your BPM to the top.this ratio will be inverted And you’ll start burning more glycogen than fat.but these are just the percentages ‘Cause even with this fact, as you raise your BPM you’ll still burn more calories from fat than in the 5570 BPM This chart shows the caloric expenditure of a woman who weighs about 130 lbs.

You can see the difference between the so called Fat Burning Zone and the High intensity workouts 80 BPM 1 minute working out shows she burned more fat calories with the High Intensity workout 2.70 As for 30 minutes of working out.same thing.High intensity is about 82 Which is also more than with the moderate pace, with only 73 calories of fat burned This is proof that the ratio is not what’s important.but the fat burn in total calories There’s yet another reason to dismiss this myth.I’ll tell you about it.

Batimentos Cardacos e Perda de Gordura Heart Rate and Fat Loss

Have you heard of the Afterburn effect After a high intensity workout youll keep burning calories for long after the training session It can go up to 24 hours! I told you this in other tutorials.beware that this effect won’t take place in the so called ‘fat burning zone’ rate Next time you’ll want to burn fat with moderate activities. Like these guys behind me. Don’t do it! 2 tips for beginners ! 1 Take it slow.Rome wasn’t built in a day Try not to go too hard on your first workouts.raise the bar with sense.

Making your heart stronger won’t happen overnight! 2 Don’t fall on the ground resting right after a High Intensity Workout Just like you warmed up till you reached the higher BPM rates.always do the Cool Down afterwards So.do 3 to 4 minutes of a slow jog or even walk around.like a looney if you will. This is better and safer than just collapsing on the ground after the full blown workout Now.a word of advice for the Coaches Especially Beginners as well When you’re with a client for the few first sessions.Always follow their pace and not yours!.

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