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Why am I not losing weight why can’t i lose weight Best way to lose weight what’s going on guys in today’s tutorial I want to go over exactly why it is that you’re stuck and you can’t lose any more weight one of the number one questions that I get from my clients is why did I plateau why can’t I lose this last bit of body fat and usually the conclusion that most people jump to is some variation of there’s something wrong with me and it wasn’t meant to be some examples of this kind of thinking is oh I’m naturally big.

Bones so no matter what I do I’m never going to lose any fat or I’m just too old to look the way that I used to look in my twenties or another common one I’ve always been fat pretty much my whole life so that’s probably not going to change that little negative voice is inside all of our heads and attaches itself to all different areas of our lives that same voice wants you to quit and seek comfort as quickly and as painlessly as possible it gives you all the reasons why you can’t do it i’m here to tell you that.

That voice is an absolute lie and you can’t listen to it I’ve seen so many people come to me and say that they can’t lose any more weight and eventually because they didn’t give up they had their breakthrough the tricky thing about having a breakthrough is that you can’t give someone a breakthrough all i could do for example is. someone in the right direction and the breakthrough is entirely something that has to happen within that person only they can make it happen the only way to stand a chance at reaching that breakthrough is to not.

Why am I NOT LOSING WEIGHT Best Way to Lose Weight After a Plateau Why Cant I Lose weight

Give up so that’s your first step that starting to lose weight again just don’t give up a lot of people want to go from one to attend in regard to their physical aesthetics but the truth that most fitness advertiser’s don’t want you to know is that you can go from a1 to attend without going through two three four five six seven eight and nine there’s no other way to do it this is not an overnight project you have to have plenty of time to make mistakes and feel out what exactly works and what.

Doesn’t work for you the next thing that you want to do is start tracking every single thing that you eat people that think that they know how many calories are eating throughout the day I are always blown away once they actually start tracking it and how wrong they were find out how many calories and how many macros you should be eating daily through a calorie calculator app and make sure you hit those numbers every single day you can also try to cycle your calories daily to help your body constantly be.

Confused and never adjust to a set amount of calories one thing to remember is that when you drastically under eat it doesn’t help you lose weight in the long run you may lose a quick couple pounds in the beginning but then your results will very easily plateau and you’ll probably gain all that weight back make sure you only cut your calories when you plateau and you cut it by small increments your workouts are another huge thing that could be a big cause for why you’re not getting any results.

When was the last time that you drastically changed your workout I’m not talking about replacing lunges for squats or dumbbell presses for barbell presses I’m talking about changing the entire structure of the workout when you want to bust through a plateau your workout has to change big time compared to what it was before your plateau you can adjust your workout by changing intensity sets reps Rep tempo duration and time under tension you can also throw in drop set super sets and even giant sets there really a.

Lot of ways that you can change your workout to break through a plateau but the point is is that it has to change drastically to really shock your body now if you’re exercising and tracking what you eat and you’re still not losing any weight the problem may lie in your hormones rather than what you’re actually doing there are a ton of hormones that could block our body’s ability to lose weight and they’re mostly released when we’re stressed cortisol is one of the main hormones that will prevent us from losing weight and is released when our.

Body is under heavy amounts of stress from a number of different things including lack of sleep too much exercise eating the wrong foods and situations in our lives that cause us to worry a lot there are a lot of other hormones that can affect weight loss like testosterone estrogen progesterone ghrelin and leptin and the list just goes on and on rather than confusing you and going into all the technicalities of your hormones I’d rather just get straight to the point and tell you what you can do to.

Balance them out first and most importantly start with your diet identify not only what you’re allergic to but also what you’re sensitive to some people have sensitivities to glue and dairy nuts lectins found in grains and all kinds of other things different people have trouble digesting different things and when we eat these things that our bodies have trouble digesting our bodies become stressed out and cortisol is release our balance of testosterone and estrogen can be affected by things like high fructose corn syrup non organic meats processed meats and dairy that comes from animals that are.

Pumped full of hormones especially growth hormone if you eat dairy products or for some other people grains and you feel like garbage afterwards you may want to try to remove that from your diet use this approach for all other food groups that your body may be sensitive to helping your hormones however isn’t only limited to eliminating food it’s also adding certain food groups in for example when people are dieting a lot of times they remove fat from their diet almost entirely and that’s a really bad move.

Because fat is responsible for the production of a lot of those good hormones that will end up helping us lose weight so if you’re eating a very low fat diet try adding some healthy fats in such as avocados another thing you can try to do is try to have a lot of protein and a lot of fiber in every single meal this way you spike your metabolic rate and also balance your estrogen levels in general you must switch to a natural diet for your body you definitely are not going to be able to lose anyway or break any plateaus by.

Eating junk and processed foods when eating foods high in vitamins antioxidants and dents in nutrients you give your body what it needs to begin healing itself find what is natural for your individual body through experimentation like I said this is going to take some time once you fix up your diet you really want to work on your stress levels make sure you’re getting at least six to eight hours of sleep a night if you’re not weight training then you should start because you release many hormones that are necessary for weight loss during and after a weight training.

Workout try meditation yoga or sitting in a sauna first thing in the morning to relax and unwind for the rest of the day if you can get your body out of that fightorflight mode and you will begin to shed those extra pounds again guys unfortunately that’s all the info that i can give you today if you enjoyed this tutorial and you’d like to see more tutorials and tips just like this one you can subscribe to my channel also if you enjoyed this tutorial make sure you give it a big thumbs up and if you’d.

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