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Static I think that the reason I decided to keep going with this is because I saw that there was success out there from competitors on the kick starter scene. One of them raised $420,000 on Indiegogo with a product that I think is much, it doesn’t have as many benefits. This is not gonna work. And for that reason, I’m out. static dance music If you’re a company and you’re going to crowdfunding to help bring your product to market, you sign this kind of unsigned agreement between backers and yourself.

You go to the public and say, hey, I have this product here, I’m done with this research, and I don’t have enough to bring it to market. Public, can you help me And then, the public says, yes, I like your product. And as a backer, I’m gonna give you this money to get something in return. Unfortunately, a lot of people either game the system or try to abuse it. And I think Thin Ice is going to be right in that gray area where there’s some problems. The too long didn’t watch portion of this tutorial is,.

If you’ve invested in Thin Ice, call the credit card company, call PayPal, call whoever, try and get your money back. This project will not end well for a lot of people who’s involved. And this is kind of everything that I’ve gathered within the last couple of days, looking at how Thin Ice got started and where there at now. So, let’s get started. So, this crowdfunding campaign piggybacks on top of the cool fat burners campaign. And the Cool Fat Burner was a product that was on Indiegogo that allowed a person to wear blocks of ice to induce their.

Thin Ice Exposed 14 sites $700,000 Raised No Products Shipped

Thermogenesis, which increased their metabolism, causes them to burn brown fat, which then causes them to lose weight. It appears that Thin Ice just piggybacked on top of the research, replaced blocks of ice for peltier elements, and that’s it. Next, where is the Thin Ice insole In this first successful crowdfunding campaign, there was an introduction to the Thin Ice insole, which is an insole that had the peltier elements inside that would induce the temperature difference needed to introduce thermogenesis. So, peltier elements are actually made of copper and ceramic.

And there were six inside of an insole that was displayed on Dragon’s Den. And if you look at what was displayed at Dragon’s Den versus what was displayed during the first successful crowdfunding, they look nothing alike. And two, this is not a finished product because if you look at the battery, there’s no FCC ID. In an FCC ID is the Federal Communications Commission Identification for any electronic equipment that radiates any energy. So, anything that radiates, a blue tooth signal, or WiiFi signal, a radio signal, anything of a like.

Has to meet certain federal regulations to ensure that it doesn’t conflict or interfere with any other electrical equipment of the market. If you u look at the insols themselves, the battery would be very small and would not be able to power that many peltier elements for an extended period of time. At the most, they will last 45 minutes. And at the least, about six or seven minutes for that many peltier elements. Next, there have been 14 crowdfunding pages, including the one on kick starter that have collected over.

$700,000 so far. And no product has been shipped to an individual, even though, with his first crowdfunding page it was supposed to be delivered in December of last year. All of the partners on all of the crowdfunding pages have all been marketing firms. UDT, marketing firm. RTG Group, marketing firm. Thatguy Media Group, film and marketing. Greenroom, film and marketing. And actually, the CEO of Thin Ice is on the board of RTG Group. That’s kind of a conflict of interest. If you saw a frivolous lawsuit, you wouldn’t blame.

The lawyer. You would blame the client because the lawyer’s only representing his client. His client has nothing to do with his lawyer. If the lawyer is bringing up a lawsuit, you have to blame the lawyer because you know. So, I left a ton more information in the links below. You’re more than welcome to research all the links and buy more information if you want to. If you liked a tutorial, give it a thumbs up. If you got any questions, leave a comment below. That’s all I got.

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