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I just wanted to show you guys a little bit of what i look like without any clothes on. you’ve seen me half naked before, but I just crocheted this cute bikini for myself this year that i think is really flattering and i wanted to talk a little bit about loose skin. i did lose almost in total 150 pounds over the course of several years. over the last 5 years i’ve lost the majority of that weight at about 120 pounds and I do have some loose skin. I know a lot of people.

I myself included are terrified what i we might look like If i lost a bunch of weight and I find that as the years go on i am actually getting more definition and muscle tone and i enjoy the way that my body looks better. you can see here first on my belly that i do have some loose skin. its never gonna go away I have to have it removed. I’ll pull this down a little, this is the remainder of where my belly was and then my arms are another one that I’ve got.

Loose skin here. would I ever have surgery to have it removed probably not, maybe, it just depends i have some loose skin on my butt. but really mostly it’s just huge. it’s like my butt just never got small. I do have a little bit of loose skin on my thighs which are actually quite muscular. I’m a muscular person. but I was curious to know what it might look like if i lost a bunch of weight and what might happen and if you’re curious, now you know. I do have a ton of muscles under here which explains all the definition i’ve got.

Loose Skin and 120 Pound Vegan Weight Loss Fat to Fit

You can see my abs a little bit. I do work on them with my hula hoop. But for the most part i don’t look like shar pei I’m really fortunate in that the areas in which carried the majority of my weight kinda shrunk into a smaller area I would show you my boobs but it’s against guidelines so i’m not gonna go there but my boobs are kinda wrinkly. giggles but they’re enough for me to enjoy and i don’t really have any problems with them. Like i’m not self conscious or ashamed of them.

Because every single ripple of loose skin that I have is kinda a battle scar in the war on obesity for me and regaining my health and the fight that it took to regain my health. Which was not easy! it’s not easy to lose over 100 pounds without using surgery or drugs it’s not easy to completely change your diet and so I’m really happy with the result that I have especially considered I’m someone that went from being morbidly obese to wearing a bikini! I can do it you can do it! Thanks for watching!.

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