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How To Lose Arm Fat Fast 5 Minute Upper Body Workout Hey everyone! It’s Justin from Under 20 Workout and people always ask me how do you lose arm fat. Great question, we’ll get to that. All you need we’re going to do a great workout in just a couple of minutes. All you need is a towel or a tshirt. So, we’re going to use it as part of this arm workout. So get one of those handy. Hit pause if you have to. Go grab a dish towel or a tshirt. Alright, how do you lose arm fat Great question.

slightly tricky. One, workout the arms. We’re going to give you a great workout. Tone those muscles especially the triceps and the shoulders. Those will burn a lot of calories. But you’ve got to incorporate in every arm workout your butt, your legs the big muscles of the body because those are the ones that are going to eat the fat. Once the metabolism goes up, it will start pulling fat from all parts of your body. That’s when the arm fat comes. Just like you don’t do crunches to lose stomach fat, you don’t do straight arm.

Curls to lose arm fat. You got to use the whole body. We’re going to get started here. Under 20 Workout is based on putting your body on top speed, engage the pituitary gland, gets the metabolism way up. And we burn tons of calories if we’re moving at top speed, only workout that does that. Make sure you’re warmed up. Get comfy before we get going. We’re going to start with bullet train. Down low and a lounge. Bullet train, straight arms. Start back and forth here. Great warmup. Do it as fast as you can. Body at top speed. Reach out on this and move at.

How To Lose Arm Fat Fast 5 Minute Upper Body Workout to Lose Arm Fat

Top speed, faster. Straight. arms. Good. About 30 seconds. 15 we’ll switch in the other side. 15 more seconds. Reach it out, high intensity, body at top speed will build muscle faster, then lifting weight. Good. 5 seconds, 4, 3, 2, 1. Let’s warm up that whole body now. Squat, sprint, nice and low. Squat. Go about 20 seconds here then we’ll get into the full arm workout. These muscles will burn the fat faster. Thighs, butt, triceps, shoulders, big muscles of the body. Keep going. And here’s for those legs on the front and good. Now, jump back pushups. Push up using.

The whole body. Those arms, start right here. You’re going to squat, you’re going to jump back. We’ll do 10 of these. Jump back, push up, jump back forward. So, jump back. Using those arms, building that muscle, burn that fat all over the body. Go. Keep going. Faster now. Awesome! Great! Grab your towel. I had a big warmup before this so I’m sweating. That’s what I learned from playing too precision sports. Alright, take the towel. Start here. Pull this part as hard as you can and then lift from your.

Hips just above your nose. We’re going to do 10 slow, 12 fast. Ready Pull it apart. Pull, pull, pull. And one, two, four, pull harder. You’ll be starting to burn. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. Good. Now, 12 fast. One, two, three, speed, top speed, four, five, seven, nine, twelve. Good. Same thing but turn your hands over. There’s more for your upper biceps and your shoulder. Here we go. Straight arms again, chest out. Same thing. You should be burning. Twelve and twelve, here we go. Killer one, coming.

Up here. Under the fence. Wide hands, wide feet, this is amazing. Entire body but getting those arms and core. Wide feet, wide hand. You’re going to go from nose, chest, hips hips, chest, nose. Doing under the fence and then back. Now, to make it easier because this is tough, it’s no joke, here on your knees, same thing. Up in the fence and back up. Let’s go. Pumping, you should be pumping already with like this. Keep going. You got to go on your knees with like this. No shame in going on the knees. And good. Awesome you.

Guys! Two more. I started with the sweat. Eddie, Jimmy, Eddie Van Halen go nice and low. Got your guitar, as fast as you can. Get those arms going. Eddie Van Halen, greatest righthanded guitarist of all time doing 20 seconds each side. Not the greatest of all time because the greatest is a leftie. Faster, faster, speed and switch. Hendrix, Jimmy Hendrix, greatest of all time guitarist happened to be lefthanded. Good. Lower, faster. Foxy! 3, 2, 1 let’s end this. Tommy Lee, we’ve got a formidable workout. Lose those arm fat. Tommy Lee playing some drums. Alright. Here at the Cleveland Coliseum.

It’s 1988, lights are down. You think it’s some roadie that’s warming up the drums. They don’t know it’s you yet. Tommy Lee you hit the signature cymbal that’s you. Crowd goes nuts. Bass! Faster guys. Faster, top speed. Five more seconds. Solo, 3, 2, 1. Awesome you guys! Check this out.under20workout. Get a full body workout. Get on the plan. You can’t do it by yourself. 55 higher chance of being successful if someone’s guiding you through workouts. Thanks guys! We’ve got a $1 trial too. If you love us, in one week.

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