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Pittsburghbased are artist uh nikolai lamb wanted to show how and average American males body differs from male bodies in Japan the Netherlands and France so he created a personal he created this image with an average American males body looks like something quick look at that and you up information from the CDC uh NOK I mean honestly I would have assumed considering our obesity epidemic that he would be a little larger but I’m looking at something not so bad but they compare him to Japanese a and French do then you realize alright well.

He’s a little heavier he’s not as tall a foot take a look at the other graphic ok it’s right there you go seems to abominable snowman in the middle out that’s up from another and the dude from the Netherlands by the way in another land third you know lean and they’re also tall which makes me realize may wish you could have another with yet it get it get it down to go a little Dutcher maybe maybe so if you look at the average male a body mass index here’s what you find.

Up for americans about 29 for Japanese its 23 that’s a significant difference in the Netherlands it’s twenty 5.2 and in France its 25.55 so this is kinda like you meant to depress the American man like oh haha you’re fat asses and you’re not even as tall as the guys from Netherlands so sad day for you got nothing 04 a little bit but also I mean I I know that a lot of us would like to thank K uh our health and our fitness and all that’s completely up to us but of course.

Americas Fat Man Problem In Creepy 3D Underwear Models

Their genetic factors that come into play biological factors that come into play I and also societal factors and in the way we eat up the typeof lifestyles we live a one thing that this artist did focus on a little bit uh is the health care differences so in these other countries they have better health care than we do right now so as a result uh they take better care of their bodies now I’m according to make a while and he says I wanted to put a mere in front of.

Us Americans like to pride ourselves on being the best country in the world however it’s clear that other countries have lifestyles in health care better than our own than it looks leads the results that you see so you don’t like that cut well it’s partly because the policies that we have in parliaments have your own personal responsibility I have you seen the decisions you made me kinda food that we eat but that’s also partly related the policies because the government says hi produce corn syrup about it.

And I don’t you be subsidies Ford that’s partly what leads that too so I actually had a little bit of a problem with the way he did the study because I felt like he left out a really important demographic I wanted to see how black men marion is equation so I did my own research in and i actually created my own little graphics let’s take a quick look at that alright so I only thing you know you’re into the Netherlands guy with this i really your style not say so as you can see in latin american manned.

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