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Good afternoon, here with you again my name is Marian from Medical Massage Professionals To bring you guys educational tutorials for some of the concerns you may have showed us on Instagram or when you call us. The subject for today will be Ultrasounds and Cavitation And above all I will give you my sincere opinion Um.this that you see here This is the ultrasound, this is one of the machines of an ultrasound. They don’t all look like this but i want you guys to see that all ultrasounds have a head.

This is a therapeutic ultrasound, that is used between 1 to 3 Hertz And it is applied with a method of contact which is a gel so that the radiation on this ultrasound can work better The question is. The subject of Cavitation Cavitation is a type of Ultrasound But with a frequency completely different What is the Cavitation used for The Cavitation is used to get rid of local body fat Understand The million dollar question is, when you guys go to have surgery After liposuction, do you need to get rid of local body fat The answer is no.

Of course not What happens It is so much easier To tell you guys that they will sell you so and so treatment, charm you guys WOW! All of these treatments that they will do on me for this price With machines that you don’t need I repeat once again MLD Manual Lymphatic Drainage With the hands, the drainage is with the hands I do not use an Ultrasound Unless we are talking about treating fibrosis and even then it must be after 8 or 10 MLD’s Do any of you girls.

POST SURGERY Ultrasound Vs. Cavitation

Have that amount of time to be here Almost none of you do And we are talking about a person that has fibrosis only The Ultrasound has a thermic effect Understand me Heat, it produces heat So we also see that the Ultrasound also produces an acceleration in the cellular metabolism Which means the cell reproduces faster Now, okay. We go back to the same subject, after surgery what is it that you ladies need To remove the liquid. Remove the liquid in order to reduce the discomfort and inflammation And that removing liquid is done with the hands.

Understand me I have been in this profession for 23 years 23 years And I have experience with this type of treatments Understand me So what I want to tell you guys is. that please Keep in mind where you are going for your treatments Another thing that I see In the tutorials is the Cavitation Let’s suppose that you are doing a Cavitation treatment, the head of the instrument is much bigger They put it the head here like this ERROR! The radiation will go to the organs That is not correct in the subject of Cavitation.

Why Because it is to remove local body fat So it goes on like this, Fat against fat. Like this From the side is where the head should be, fat against fat It is to reduce localized body fat Understand me If you guys asked me, Marian. I had liposuction done in Miami after sometime I noticed a bit of fat or rolls left over and I was not content with that Can I use Cavitation Then yes you can reduce that local body fat Now, do you guys need to have Cavitation done the 2nd or 3rd day after surgery, Of course not!.

Of course you don’t need it Understand me The Ultrasound. It can be the therapeutic, normal or any others We are talking about applying it in treatments So sometimes people are very lazy or just want to make fast money They want to charm you and offer many things. So what you need to do is a lymphatic drainage Which is full body, the entire body Because the lymphatic system is in the entire body Understand me And with hands is the most adequate So. This, if you guys take a look at it, the Ultrasound.

Produces thermic effects Here I printed some points from an article If you guys like you can ask for it on Instagram Where it talks about.this was written by a doctor The doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon where it talks about the use of Ultrasounds and it ends saying. It Ultrasound is good for. Skin Treatments the treatment of skin Do you guys come to Miami or anywhere else to do a skin treatment, No For stretch marks, do you guys have stretch marks Is that what you do liposuction for No.

Thin wrinkle lines Of course not, we are talking about A treatment that can be done after some time yes but not recently after surgery 3rd, or 4th maybe sun damage on the skin You don’t come here for that, let’s continue Scar Tissue tissue with a scar Can you guys see, with 3 days post surgery, if you have scar tissue or not Of course not Next, contracture Do you come to treat a contracture NO And lastly, it says fat reduction Do you guys need an Ultrasound for fat reduction after liposuction.

To get rid of body fat Of course not Think ladies, the answer is up to you And the choice is yours as well So keep in mind where you go for post surgery treatments and what is it that is being done Understand Here, I told you guys the Ultrasounds have different frequencys You can see it here, this one is from 1 to 3 Hertz And 1 to 3 is the common therapeutic amount that this can use to augment or produce the delation of the blood vessels and brings oxygen.

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