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Hi this is Tony from Cookingaround today we are going to have a very special type of soup. This is a soup that is made for you to lose weight, you have to eat this soup for 7 days straight have at least 3 to four bowls a day and at night have fruit and raw veggies to go with it. Now I I will show you a link at the end of the tutorial where get more information about this soup and here we have all kinds of good things, we cabbage, red peppers, leeks, tomatoes, now.

You will not see any carrots in this recipe because they are on the med. GI. So this is a low Gi soup. now as for me you did see my pictures in the beginning of this tutorial and I lost a lot of weight on this diet soup, so again this ia a diet for you to lose weight, so lets get going on this awesome soup. and I will show you how to prepare this. Now I have a lot of stuff here because I make a big pot for this pot has to last me at lest.

2 to 2 12 days. Now here we have some water it’s not boiling yet but its almost at a boil, So for the size of the pot and the amount depends on you. So this size pot it has to last a few days. So we I take two veggie stock, you can use chicken stock but here I an using low sodium, and we are not going to add any salt because there is some already in the stock. The cabbage I have is beleave it or not is half of a cabbage.

Magic Diet Soup Lose Weight Fast Low Gi.

Head shredded, now add that in and add 5 fresh tomatoes cut up, I kept them large, add it on top, like that now add 4 small onions also on top like this and add 1 leek cut up like this, now let take half only and cover it and bring that up to come to a boil and once it’s boiling then we mark 20 minis. Ok its been 20 mins and and I did not stir the soup, now turn off the heat and remove the cover. Look at that and now grab a.

Large bowl and remove all the onions, all the leeks, and all the tomatoes, lets get most of it all out out, if one or two stays in, do not worry about it. Also I want at least 14 of the cabbage from the soup, and there you go. We let this cool and we are back, now it has cooled down now, make sure that it has at lease half of the liquid now. I will be doing these in two stages because I have a lot of soup to blend, so we just start the.

Thing. So its been about a minute and this is what we want. now take all the blended soup and add that back to the pot. and now we put in the rest of the leeks and here we have 1 small celery root, I like using this root instead of potatoes because it is better for you and lower on the GI scale and 2 red peppers diced, now if the liquid gets a little high do not worry about it, it will go down. I make a lot of soup this way, and here I.

Have about 6 gloves of garlic minced, put that in, and we stir that well into the soup mix, now cover it and bring it to a boil again and then set it to low and let it go for another 30 mins. So we are back now, now its boiling and it been now 20 mins but I did say 30, but I want to add some things on the last 10 mins of cooking, so now add 12 cup of parsley, 3 bay leaves, 1 tsp. of nutmeg, 1 tablespoon of cumin, 2 tablespoons of oregano and this.

Will give you a awesome taste to your soup, so we add all of it here, in there, and about 4 chopped up green onions, to give it some color and texture, and last but not least some fresh ground pepper, add what ever you want at this stage, Give a little stir, Now here is a complete meal with almost everything you will need for your diet, Now when this is done it will be awesome in taste and good for you , a complete meal package in a pot pot,.

Now add the cover back on and we let it go for the final 10 mins, Ok, here we are now. It’s important to test the soup for taste, and remember this is not for me but for you, and for me I like a little more salt. Now to finish this off add 3 tablespoons of tomato past, now you do not have to add this, but I find that this gives the soup a very rich and thick taste, at this stage you can add anything you want to this but keep in mind that when.

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