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A John Sherman here for Insanity Reviews so what can you expect from the insanity workout program that let me tell you gonna have to the it’s an amazing program if you have any way you need to lose this is the programs for you and I I had this long drawnout review that I was going to do but I’m just to give you the nuts and bolts what to expect this program is completely selfsufficient you don’t need to buy anything at all you don’t need pull up bar you don’t need matts all the is the carpet in your room.

In your house somewhere and a DVD player to play the most people have that if you have any way to lose five pounds eighty towns this program will melt the fat of now in it you get 10 workouts and you never get bored let me tell you definitely never eat never get bored the workouts because they switch up the routine I every single and the it’s just it’s just me what are the pros and cons about this the pros I’ve already said it melts body said you’re going to sweat your butt off.

That’s also a cot you’re gonna sweat your butt off your gonna work for I’ve heard people say you need to be in peak physical conditioning in p sadness conditioning even do the insanity program I say horse hockey anybody can use program you just modify the moves for what you can do when I started this program I was 270 parents I couldn’t jump off the ground I couldn’t do half the stuff that they did but what I did was I gave everything I I could I did modified moves I made it happen.

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And in some cases I couldn’t finish the full the full DVD I might you 20 minutes at the but I did it every single day I popped that eten and I did what I needed to do weather was 10 or 15 minutes or 20 minutes or the full amount to top what I dot a a little bit more a cardiovascular Lee Lt so the bottom line is inch the Insanity workouts and help you I’ll it can help you lose weight it’s something that you want to do I Inc.

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