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Hey my friend, Drew Canole! Welcome back to my kitchen. In this tutorial I wanna show you a meal replacement smoothie that I make on occasion that leaves me nourished all day long. I usually have it right in the morning first thing after the gym and it keeps me full and satisfied all day. Now this meal replacement smoothie is pretty simple. It’s got a scoop and a half of protein which I use the raw protein. It’s really, really good stuff. About 30 grams of protein in this. And I have a cup of blueberries right here.

That we’re gonna put in here. Amazing blueberries. I got a little almond bar all over my blueberries here no worries which is loaded with fat. On top of it I have almond butter with a little Maca powder in here as well. I’m gonna show you guys that brand in a second here. And then also two heaping handfuls of greens. I have spinach. I have some romaine lettuce. I have an avocado, half of one. And a little extra cinnamon okay Half a tablespoon of cinnamon. Here are the recipes below the blog. I’m gonna post it below YouTube as well.

If you’re watching on YouTube it will be there for you. And the star player of the show we have Organifi greens. This is like nutritional insurance you can have every single day. One scoop it’s gonna add a little minty flavor to the vanilla protein that I’ve chosen for this as well. It’s an amazing recipe. I have this two to three times a week first thing after the gym in the morning. Keeps me full. Keeps me satisfied. You’ve been emailing in. You’ve been asking, Drew how much protein do you have in the morning.

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What do you have How does it keeps you full and satiated all day long And this is the smoothie that I use for that. So let’s get started with making this smoothie. I got a cup of ice in here too. This is gonna help the smoothie mix. Pour it right into the blender, I got about two cups of almond milk. You wanna make sure there’s no carrageenan in it cause that’s a gut disruptor right We’ve been talking a lot about gut as of lately. We showed you four recipes last week from microbiome diet so we wanna make sure we’re going on.

This gut team as well. Let’s put our Organifi right in here just like that. Love the smell of this. And actually I’m loving the testimonials and the people that are writing in and every single week talking about how much this is making a difference in their life. All these heartfelt messages coming in and you know especially a lot of people with kids, parents, moms, dads that are using this and it’s just, it’s an amazing thing. So we got that, we got to add a scoop and a half of protein. The scoop usually comes in the raw container,.

Just gab that. And I have a full tablespoon of almond butter. I’m gonna put that in just like that. Hmm, cool. We’re gonna add our blueberries bout a cup of blueberries. This things are delicious! Putting those in, it’s gonna sweeten it up. Now there’s a difference between adding a blueberry and a different type of fruit. You see the more fiber a fruit has it keeps your insulin uh, lower. Glycemic index, it doesn’t spike your insulin up as much so things like blueberries that are loaded with fat and fiber help control.

Your insulin. So if you know anybody that’s diabetic that’s actually a good thing as berries as opposed to things that are high in sugar like banana, it doesn’t have the fat to counteract the insulin spike. Hopefully that makes sense. I gonna talk more about that on the blog below. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’re gonna keep it short because you like this short recipes from the response that I’m getting online and here I have some leaf lettuce I’m adding. Some spinach, delicious baby spinach. If you really wanted.

To step up this recipe you actually could add some sprouts as well. Do you know broccoli sprouts are like 10 times more protein than even broccoli So I always like to add sprouts to my smoothies, my salads, everything that I make in the house. So I’m just ripping the stems out. You probably questioning why is he ripping the stem out Well with kale and some of the greens it’s a little bit bitter in the middle so you wanna take that bitterness out. So we’re gonna mix it up. Smoothie is all in check, lets rock and roll!.

It should mix up. So good. I usually like to let that sit for 15 20 seconds because Blendtec is absolutely amazing. I’d like to thank Blendtec for making such an amazing blender. Love you guys. Here we go. It’s a green smoothie loaded with protein. I think it has a berry that was not blended up its okay I’m gonna eat that anyway. Here we go cheers to you, cheers to a meal replacement shake that took less than three minutes as you’ve seen its gonna keep me full, satiated and you full all day long when you make this.

Recipe. Hmm, hands down it’s the greatest smoothie there is! Taste absolutely amazing. One thing that helps is that almond butter. I love these guys. Actually let me show you these company I always buy this, its Jem raw organic cinnamon, Maca, almond butter, sprouted almond butter! This stuff is amazing. Organifi adds a mint taste to it and then the raw protein I wanted to show you guys actually here it is this is the Raw brand. You’ve seen this at Wholefoods all over the place. This is the vanilla and um this is the standard you.

Know, plant based protein I absolutely love it. So there it is love this smoothie recipe. Cheers to you! I’d like to go ahead and announce the juicer winner right now. This week’s juicer winner is Tammy J Adams! Tammy experienced a serious health crisis. At one point she was totally bed ridden for three months and taking eight medications. After finding our YouTube tutorials and buying a used juicer at goodwill she is now healing and down to only three medications. Tammy we’re sending you a Kuving’s juicer. Use this.

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