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Hey there! I’m Rob, and this is my 2 cents! Now I’m the guy that hails from this little channel called On the Cheap Tip where I give you quality and cheap tips. Those two words don’t naturally go together, but somehow I make it work. Now everyone’s always looking for a fast way to lose weight. Well I just happen to have 3 drinks that will do just that, and they’re delicious too. Drink number one! I forgot what it was. Cinnamon and Honey. Sounds delicious if you ask me. So what you’re going to do is start out with one cup of boiling.

Water, and that’s fuking hot. Then you’re going to get a half a teaspoon of ceylon, and you’re going to add that into your boiling water. And then you’re going to get a half tablespoon of honey. It’s thick. You know how I feel about thick things. And then you’re just going to mix it all together. Now cinnamon acts as an antibacterial that’s going to help clear out the digestive tract, and it also gets metabolized in the body like sugar. So when your body metabolizes sugar, it gets ready to store fat so it’s burning all this.

Energy, getting to store it, and then cinnamon comes in and says, just kidding, I’m not sugar, I’m gunna take the fat with me. And honey is also a natural antibacterial that’s going to help clear out the digestive tract, and it helps to burn fat because it has special enzymes that do that. So what you’re going to do is drink a half a cup in the morning, and half a cup at night. Drink number 2! Now for this drink we’re going to keep the honey, but add a little twist to it by adding basil. So what you’re going to do is take one cup.

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Of warm water. Then you’re going to get basil. Now, for this you’re going to use holy basil. That means it’s blessed. No. Yes. Now I got lucky and found holy basil at my farmers market, but if you can’t find it, you can always order it dry online. And what you’re going to do is finely chop your basil, add a little water, and mush it down with a spoon into a paste. Then you’re going to add it into your water. And then you’re going to take your honey and.

Add in a half a teaspoon. And then stir it up really well. Looks like Christmas. So the cool thing about this drink is that holy basil is actually fuking amazing. I can’t believe I just said holy and fuking in the same sentence. I swear I’m a good Catholic boy. Now the great thing about holy basil is that is has tons of antioxidants, it’s a natural antibacterial, and it helps you fight cholesterol. But the greatest thing about this is that it helps to destress you, and stress makes you gain weight and store fat. So, be a little less.

Stressed out and eat more basil. Drink number 3. Ginger and Green Tea. So what you’re going to do is get a teaspoon of green tea, put it into a strainer on top of the cup. You can take some ginger root, or ground ginger. We’re going to use ginger root cause it’s just a little bit more, I don’t know, fresh. Then you’re going to take your boiling water and pour it right over your ingredients. Now let’s talk about how this helps your lose weight. Well, ginger and green tea both have very similar properties. And the fact that.

They both boost your metabolism and they both burn fat. Green tea helps your muscles get ready for action to help you work out stronger and longer. Now for best results you want to drink this 3 to 4 times a day. I know that seems like a lot, but if weight loss is your goal then hey, it’s worth it. Well there you go you skinny bitch! Three weight loss drinks that really work. Make sure that you comment down below and let us know how you like these drinks. Give this tutorial a nice big thumbs up, and make sure that you subscribe to Pretty.

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