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What’s going on guys Shane here. Welcome to my new apartment here in Los Angeles, California we made it. So if you’re on a budget, like me, I’m gonna teach you how to build your own, make your own boxing mitts focus mitts. Okay, so these can get kinda expensive so we’re gonna get rid of them. Let’s drop it down here. so when I got here is a pool noodle and a knife, okay I got this at the dollar store, guys. One dollar, alright. If you don’t have a knife, ya gotta buy a knife, then chew through this thing!.

I’m gonna cut this thing and have to sort of measure it in half here. Right. Cut it right down the middle. Easy, simple. Boom, these are like arms, these are like the fists, alright, the gloves that your opponent’s gonna be throwin’ at you. So what we’re going to be doing this is where knowledge comes in right Now that you got your equipment, now you gotta know how to properly, you know, throw punches. Teach your, you know, your training partner how to do things correctly. Okay, so, jabs,.

Crosses, they can roll alright We’re gonna demonstrate with Marie. We’re gonna show you how to do it correctly. Okay, alright ready Jab jab. Good, jab cross. Roll! Good, crosshookcross. Slipslip! Good again jab, jab. Jab Cross. Roll, good. Cross, hook, cross. Good, slipslip. Hook, cross, hook, good. Jab, jab. Good, jabcross! Roll, good. Cross, hook, cross, good! Alright guys, so that’s just a little but of what you can do. You can tell there’s a lot, like, there’s a lot of the defenses cues. I’m throwing these punches and she’s gotta slip, she’s gotta block. And what’s good about ’em too.

How to Make Your Own Boxing Focus Mitts for $1.00!

Is they’re soft. So if I do boom, hit her in the face, yeah it’s not gonna hurt her. How did you feel with it Marie I love it, I hit pads with Shane really often and this actually feels just as realistic if not more. It kinda is nice having something come at me to defend against. Yeah, guys you go into an oldschool boxing gym you’ll see these laying around and there’s no pools in there, right They’re using these for getting the boxgame up! Alright guys, so make sure you subscribe for more tips like this.

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