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Fat Burning Kettlebell Workout

What’s up guys, it’s Max Barry, owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and this is your 12 minute kettlebell workout for fat loss get ready because we’re about to get into this twelveminute fat burning kettlebell workout routine six exercises two rounds 12 minutes of nonstop fat burning awesomeness all you need for this workout is one kettlebell if you don’t have a kettleball, use a dumbbell get your interval and set it for 12 minutes 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest make sure you guys go ahead and get in a quick warmup before we get.

Started and were about to get into this kettlebell workout right now ok time to get into it right now who starts in 3,2,1, go kettlebell catch clean and press exercise that can only really be done with a kettlebell, it’s a great arms and core exercise quick transition to the next exercise is ten toe taps, then one quick sprawl or plank this burns a lot of calories and is best fat loss move fast on this bodyweight drill kettlebell strength training builds that lean muscle tissue and keeping this routine intense burn a lot of body fat.

Around the body then rotate to the side for one of the best kettlebell ab excercises big elbow strike at the top when you rotate, tighten up you core next exercise if for abs and cardio everest climbers if you get tired, step and switch the feet next move is kettlebell touch jacks, great for lean legs and booty wider feet causes more inner thight activation 3 times oven then drop and do a pushup right back up to the top of this kettlebell circuit, exercise number one is kettlebell catch clean and press.

Kettlebell Workout 12 Minute Kettlebell Workout for Fat Loss

Long body line in the plank position then come back up for the toe taps cardio come back up then switch hands next time you do it keep going you know the modifications then slingshot core exercise is next hips and shoulders working together as we rotate and strengthen you core total body core working during this kettlebell abs exercise last rep feeling tighter through that core great cardio and abs exercise good news is last two moves coming up next ketttlebell touch jacks now finish line is in sight keep pushing intense.

Heart rate is cranking just keep moving proud of you let’s keep pushing right to the end of this kettlebell workout if you don’t wanna go over the kettlebell go behind the kettlebell then best pushup you’ve got if you liked this kettlebell workout, smash the like button subscribe to Max’s Best Bootcamp fitness channel what are you waiting forwe share workouts like this every week and we’re always trying to get better better so if you have any comments or questions about this workout or fitness and health in.

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