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This is John Kohler with discountjuicer today with another exciting episode for you. What I’m going to do is answer the simple question that I get a lot! Hey John what’s the best drink for weight loss So very simple I can sum it up in a few sentences, the best drink for weight loss is the drink that is going to feed your body, nourish your body and also hydrate your body. So forget about all the canned and bottled juices and sodas and crap at the grocery store. What you want to do is you want to juice your own fruits.

And vegetables to make the best weight loss drink ever. That’s what I’m going to show you guys today. Now on a recent episode of doctor oz, Doctor Oz had a guest Doctor Joel Fuhrman who recommended eating a plant strong diet. Or a diet that is very rich in fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. That’s what the juicer allows you to do, it allows you to literally concentrate and drink more fruits and vegetables than you’d be able to eat. That’s why I like the juicer and that’s why the juicer is one of the ways.

That helped me to personally loose about 25 pound. I was never really overweight but yes I was kind of getting up there and now I’m fit, trim and actually quite healthy. Due to the juicer and all the fruits and vegetables I eat. So a question you might be thinking is hey John I don’t like how fruits and vegetables taste. Well guess what When you own your juicer you get to make your own recipe. So you can add more things like fruits that’s going to make your juice taste really sweet.

The Best Drink to Lose Weight Ever Discovered

And it will actually hide some of the flavours that some of the greens and other vegetables that you may not like so much. So instead of specifically giving you guys a specific recipe what I want to teach you guys is to eat a variety or literally juice a variety of fruits and vegetables. So what is the anatomy of making your own fresh juice. Well, it first starts with the recipe. And if you bake cookies you know every cookie recipe always has flour, butter, eggs, maybe some sugar and some other things.

In it. And you know they could add chocolate chips to make them chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter to make them peanut butter cookies, macadamia nuts to make them macadamia nut cookies. But they all start with the standard base recipe. And every juice should also start with this standard base recipe. I’m going to go over some of the vegetables that should be in your standard base recipe for juices. So something like celery is nice and water rich it’s very high in electrolytes and really good for you. Next we have some cucumbers and cucumbers.

Are nice water rich fruit although they are considered a vegetable. Another thing that should be based in your juices are the carrots, carrots are high in betacarotene, most carrots that you may be aware of are orange but they also come in different colours such as purple, red and yellow. So I encourage you guys to get the different colours of carrots. Also called heirloom carrots whenever you can find them, they actually have a nice flavor, they’re not quite as sweet. Another base of your juice should also be.

The apples, apples make a really good base juice and that’ll make your juice a little bit sweeter if you don’t like things that are green. laughs Another thing that works really good for the base of your juice are things like zucchini, we have some yellow zucchini here and that’ll add a nice liquid to your juice. Once you’ve got your base down you want to then you want to add the extras or the addons. laughs Some of the addons could include things like the leafy greens. So we’ve got some collard greens here of course you can use kale.

I want to stop and talk a second about the leafy green vegetables. The leafy green vegetables are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. John, what does that mean nutrient dense Well that means they contain the most nutrition per calorie out of any food on Earth. Whereas you know something from McDonalds or some potato chips or some junk food. They’re really calorically dense and guess what, calories are the things that make you add weight people. and they’re very nutrient poor, if you eat a diet that is rich in nutrients like the.

Fruit and vegetable diet, especially when juicing them. You get all the nutrients you need, your body in my opinion will start shedding the pounds. That’s what happened to me and I’ll have no problem maintaining my weight. Eating these wonderful foods found in nature. Now that’s another thing I want to encourage you guys. Get away from the processed foods, as they process the foods they become more calorically dense. Or have a lot of calories and low nutrients. The more you get to nature and eat natures foods, food that are found in nature.

You get more nutrients and less calories. So the leafy greens are really good to add beside the leaf greens you’ve got some herbs. So things like some cilantro considered an herb or things like parsely considered an herb. They’re very nutritious and some people say the cilantro can actually help to detoxify heavy metals and things like that. Over on this side we’ve got some chard. So Swiss chard definitely another really good thing to juice it will add a nice salty flavour to your juice if you miss the salt.

Most foods that are processed have added salt in them because salt is actually a really good preservative but also makes foods taste good. But guess what That’s another thing in my opinion that’ll also add pounds to your waist line. Because it causes excess water weight and when you start drinking fruit and vegetable juices that are high in water and that’s another thing why the juicing is so beneficial because all the water is all liquid. And we are 7075 water and when we drink or eat things that are that much in water or more it hydrates us.

And when we are properly hydrated our body can flush out all the excess water weight, mineral salts that it doesn’t need. Can’t forget we’ve got some brocolli over here so there have been studies that show things like brocoli, sprouts and there’s constitutuents of broocli that can help fight things like cancer. But also it’s a really good vegetable to juice. Now beside just getting the brocolli you can also buy brocolli leaves and colliflower leaves, possibly from your farmers market. Those are also juicable and I consider those like some chard or some collard greens.

Now on those kind of things you only want to add in a few leaves to your juice because that can really overpower and overtake your juice and really have strong flavours that you may not like. So start out with the base of your juice and do like 75 of your glass of the base that I just talked about and 25 or less of some of the leafy greens to make it taste really good. Without further ado let’s just start juicing, we’re using the Lequip 110.5 juice extractor,.

This is called the centrifugal ejection style juicer. It’s actually fairly highly speed, it’s quick and easy and convenient to use. And excells at juicing hard vegetables and hard firm roots. So things like carrots it does really well, cucumbers, things like zuchini, things like the celery. Whilst it will juice the leafy greens it’s not very fast at it. There are many other juices on the market that will juice leafy greens better. For the most part if you’re just starting, I recommend this juicer because it’s under $100 and it also has a full 10 year warranty.

Many juicers in this price range, well you don’t want to have a 90 day warranty and your juicer breaks on the 91st day, you’re going to have to buy another one. So invest in a product that you’ll be able to use for a long period of time without having to buy another one. Next lets turn this machine on and show you how easy it is to juice in the Lequip. We’re simply going to take us some pieces of apple here and drop it in the machine. I always like to use the carrots to push the produce in.

As you can see as soon as you push this in the juice is coming out the front and one of the things I want to mention is that you want to juice the food of color. You can see the carrot there, the carrot juice is orange that’s the betacarotene in the carrot. Every different food with different colors such as this yellow squash have different phytochemicals and phytonutrients and the phytochemicals and phytonutrients are the things that basically are antiaging and keep you looking younger. So here’s the brocolli, we’re going to put.

That down in there. We can’t forget the cucumbers, cucumbers are rich in water and add a nice mild flavor to your juice. Put some of that in there and another apple. Next we want to put in some leafy greens, now to put in the leafy greens to do that you want to take a few leafy greens at once and yes you can put the stock in. What I like to do is take a few and then basically fold them over and roll them in to a nice.

Tight wad. If you don’t wad it up it’s not going to work that well. You’re going to stick them in and you’re going to push it slowly in. You’re going to have to go down and come back up to get it to juice properly. But you can see some of that deep rich green juice coming out. Next we’re going to add some more apple and a carrot. Oh I forgot to add the celery in there. Celery juices really well and adds a nice salty flavour to your juice as well.

It juices right out and you can do the carrot and the celery at the same time. Next we’re going to go ahead and juice the chard I want you to put this chard, Swiss chard, I recommend you guys to get the rainbow chard. You can see all the different colors, you’ve got the reds and pinks and some standard green ones. And all the colors of the rainbow are really important to juice so that you get all the different nutrition. Once again because these are leaves in the centrifugal juicer we’re going to fold them.

Over, wrap them up tight and stick them down the chute. And when you are juicing the leafy greens the machine will slow down, when it starts to slow down pull the mixture back up. And let the machine speed up before you push it back down again. Next let’s go ahead and add some more cucumber. Alright so in no time at all it looks like we made about 2 12 cups of juice. Always when you’re done juicing I like to lift the juicer up. And shake out every last bit of juice. Here it is, here’s our fresh made juice.

We’re going to go ahead and pour it in a nice glass. Look at that, nice thin consistency. Nice rich, deep, green color. Now the green of the juices are the chlorophyll. The chlorophyll is also a really important nutrient in my opinion. It’s really good for us and you can really taste this stuff. Actually that’s quite delicious. It’s an easy way to loose some weight today by making your own fresh juices. How I first got started with juicing was a juicer very similar to this one. And I started juicing for breakfast and I would skip my normal breakfast, eat my regular.

Lunch, midafternoon I’d have a juice snack and then I’d eat my regular dinner. By rotating out what you’re eating and including more juices for example today I pretty much lived on 100 juices. That’s what’s called a juice fast. A really good movie for you guys to watch if you haven’t already seen it is actually called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It’s a documentary movie of a guy from Australia who’s overweight and has some health problems. He gets on a juice diet, looses all the weight and gets way healthier. Actually for you guys I’ll post a link down.

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