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My friend is getting liposuction she’s in her early thirties and we were talking about it and i was like how much is going to cost is she’s just a little sucked out you know just like ten pounds worth and i was like tells kinda get sours she’s not paying three thousand dollars to have all uh. ok uh. money but you know and so as the dividing that’s kinda cool but there’s a obey alternative that i had never heard about and so now uh. there’s something called btwelve injections o how do you heard about this.

It sounds vaguely familiar but i don’t know much about you outdid twelve is and by that name so it’s supplement injections right very subtle ok but what it does know it’s real because i found out that i know that this mail has been doing it and she’s lost a rediculous amount away like she’s lost thirty pounds within like three months of income now it’s awesome so listen on waves it it’s a supplement that’s speeds up your metabolism okay so you dieting exercise and you have the supplement you take every three weeks to.

Go to like a doctors willing to give you the chechen every few weeks right i think that i think i’m gonna do it uh. btwelve injections in is certainly sonnets totally unbelievable uh. the more you talk about it though and he said the measure christy’s arguments out was was a maybe with simply combine is all the time it’s just you’re taking a concentrated injection of it and you take it a little or no actually i read about as side effects and it’s reported to have no side effects of course you’ve speeding up your.

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