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Fat Burning Iced Tea Recipe

Namaskar! Welcome to Nishmadhulika These days everyone likes green tea whether you drink it hot or cold in both ways it’s amazing! Let’s now make green tea. We have kept 2 cups of water to boil and in that we will add lemon zest. To make lemon zest we will grate the lemon’s peel, make sure you don’t grate the pulp. Only the peel should be grated like you can see we have taken out the zest from the peel only. To make 2 cups of tea we’re just using half of the zest we have.

The water has heated now and there’s a boil in the water too. Let the water cool so that it can reach 7080 degree Celsius. 1 tsp green tea and we will add this green tea into water. tsp cinnamon and we will put this in water too. We will cover the water with a lid for 2 minutes for it to brew. Now, we will filter the tea. Add 2 tsp honey.Mix it. Squeeze 1 lemon’s juice in it. Hot green tea is ready. if you want cold green tea keep it in the refrigerator for 1 hour to cool it.

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