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Hello rs my name is Camille and I’m basically just like to share my experience with the venus factor program at first I was kinda suspicious my six sense said that it was just another overhyped program and everything but let me tell you first of all venus factor reviews seem really good the before and after pictures were all promising but there is still something was holding me back you know I don’t know what it was it was holding me back so after doing some reading and debating back and forth back and forth.

I got to tell to myself why I just not give it a try I mean a worstcase scenario I just been using money back guarantee and that’s it plus I kinda already bought it at a discounted prices to start with for like nine or 10 bucks so I basically had nothing to lose really so I had picked up program from the venus factor discount dot com and started right away and now that I’m done with the twelve week program I kinda figured I wanted to do a quick little review on my experience.

So first of my most favorite things about the venus factor program is that this program is tuned to the female body compared to most other products out there which are generally made for men it’s also n all in one solution I mean you have exercise dieting nutrition all in there for you you know how do I absolutely anything else all the tools you need for this are included it’s perfect I also love that I don’t have to give up all my favorite foods you know I can still eat.

Venus Factor Review What is The Venus Factor Diet

Whatever I want it’s still a diet program but it also allows to eat the foods you prefer to eat it’s not one of those systems where you drink soup for like 12 weeks straight or anything like that so yeah the program itself includes first of all a workout plan it’s laid out step by step for you you won’t need any additional expensive equipment andor anything like that for the exercises because they can it be performed at home at the gym outside you know wherever you feel most comfortable.

Doing them and when you click on one of the exercises in the book you’re actually gonna be able to see tutorial demonstration at the exercises and this is really really helpful and then you have the virtual nutritionist this is an amazing amazing calculator that with some input from you it calculates what your body needs during the day calories and protein and it is really really simple yet powerful tool and as you know your body’s gonna change during the diet so your metabolism and and and recommended calorie intake will also change.

Accordingly and I almost forgot I absolutely loved the private member’s area this alone i think is worth the price if the entire program seriously because in this form you can interact with fellow users and track your progress in everything and it’s it’s different from any other weight loss forum 53 000249,970 gt 000253,070 because its members only and you know all the users are all in the same boat like you they’re doing the same program so people are sharing their tips and motivation everything and I i just absolutely love it.

So if you want to buy this product for nine bucks like I did then go home visit venus factor discount dot com I’m gonna go ahead and leave it discount link in description for you guys and I mean if you have more than 10 pounds you wanna lose and you you know you want tone your body then the venus factor diet I is definitely for you and even if you’re just considering to lose weight or you just wanna learn more about exercise and healthy eating I would personally recommend this program to you I usually don’t recommend.

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