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Do I have visceral fat Visceral fat is another name for the fat that the body stores around the stomach and liver. Visceral fat is what makes your six pack abs look like you drink a six pack a day. I know that I’m not skinny, but I’ve heard that there are different types of fat, and some types are better or at least less bad for you than others. The thin layer of fat under the skin around the rest of your body is not bad per se, except to the degree is hardens into nodules of cellulite. If you do not have enough of that, you’ll.

Look horrible. I do not need that on my rear but is what is there visceral fat or the under the skin fat If you’ve got a thick waist or big belly, it is visceral fat. If you have a fat rear, I cannot say if that is good or bad except to ask what rap songs you like. So you can have both types Sure, a modest layer of under the skin fat on top of a layer of visceral fat though it is rare to have a lot of visceral fat without much under the skin fat, unless you’re an.

Alcoholic. So that’s why you were making the 6 pack and 24 pack jokes. Visceral fat is the stuff that causes metabolic syndrome, reduces insulin responses by cells and can trigger type 2 diabetes, causes fatty liver disease that can eventually interfere with liver function. So when an alcoholic is super skinny except for the stomach pouch, he’s the one person with lots of visceral fat but not much else. Yeah, and that olive in his martini does not make up for the bad health effects. Which are The rise in visceral fat slows the production of adiponectin, and that’s what triggers.

Do I Have Visceral Fat

All these other negative side effects, from an increased risk of heart disease to diabetes to a greater risk of colon and breast cancer. That tells me why visceral fat is bad, not how I can tell what I have. If you’re skinny but with an apple shape in the middle, you’ve probably got too much visceral fat. Or I’m in need of a girdle and better bra support for my moobs. If a woman has a waist over 35 inches or a man with over 40, you’ve got too much visceral.

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